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How to Make a Launch Event Standout



New initiatives, products, re-brands, or welcoming new employees- any type of growth or change is important to celebrate as a company! Launch events are not only a fun way to bring people together, but they are crucial in promoting and curating the image for your brand and company. Instead of throwing a run-of-the-mill happy hour or cocktail party, put some thought into your launch event and knock it out of the park with these three steps.

1. What is the Goal?

Ok, so there is something to celebrate. But beyond that, what is the goal of the party? Do you want to drive sales? Increase awareness? Make current clients feel special? The overarching goal will dictate who you invite and what type of event you are having.

Sometimes, a large community open house works best when you are trying to build up your reputation in the local community. Or if you want to recognize current clients, throw a more intimate cocktail party. For driving sales, the focus is your product and the event can revolve around a demonstration or presentation. No matter the goal, fleshing out all of these ideas before planing is crucial to a successful and memorable time.

2. Engage Attendees

Caption contest at an AdvantEdge Workspace's event 

No one should ever be fiddling with their straw, looking around the room for something to do. The key is finding something that is both interactive, fun, and makes sense with the atmosphere. Think about DIY projects, a magician, someone to provide chair massages… get creative and think outside the box!

Got a small budget? Use entertainment as a way to cross-promote with another local business. Allow them to set up at your event and provide an activity or service in exchange for being able to promote themselves. There are also many free ways to add entertainment through games, contests, and more!

3. Tie It All Together

Focusing on details- down to the beverage is important for completing the guest experience at your event

Everything in the event space needs to make sense. At AdvantEdge’s pro-working lounge launch in Chevy Chase, restaurants from the area were invited to sample their food. This was a great way to provide refreshments while promoting an awesome feature (tons of lunch options) for the location that they are in. Without being cheesy, subtle tie-ins through food, activities, or decor are important for the event sticking in an attendee’s head.

Having just unveiled two pro-working lounges, AdvantEdge Workspaces is no stranger to throwing a great launch party. Our spaces are perfect for a large event spanning multiple areas or a smaller meeting space for a low-key, intimate gathering. With on-site support every step of the way, AdvantEdge is like the event assistant you never knew you needed. Let us help you plan your launch event today!

Written by Juliana Levinson

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