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How To Plan a Virtual Event That Attendees Will Love



Virtual events come with their own unique set of challenges. Planning one online is a very different experience from executing one in-person. Right now, meetings are still essential, and if you can’t put off holding it in-person any longer, going virtual is the right solution. How can you ensure that your event will have people ready to turn on their cameras and mics to participate? Follow the tips below to set yourself up for success!

Be Prepared with the Right Space

Even though your event is all online, the physical space that you are in still matters. Utilizing a serviced workspace can help you focus on what truly matters and leaves elements like the set-up to experienced staff members. You will have a professional backdrop for the event while having crisp audio and video. Renting a meeting room to get on a video call may seem counterintuitive, but it can be what takes your event experience to the next level.

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Set Expectations

Your event will have higher attendance if you are upfront about what the expectations are. The last thing someone wants to do is casually join the event and then find out it is a three-hour-long intensive training. In promotional materials and at the start of the event, set realistic expectations. Let participants know if you expect them to answer questions or engage in dialogue. Share the expected length and even send out an outline ahead of time. Transparency is necessary to coax people out of their comfort zone and get them to engage virtually.

Engage Attendees

No one wants to stare at their screen for hours on end. Engaging attendees is essential to virtual success. Encourage participation in the meeting chat box by asking for questions and thoughts. The chat is a great way to get people involved without turning on mics and derailing the event. Another option is to dedicate time where participants can go to break-out rooms to talk in smaller groups. These rooms can help meaningful connections form in an otherwise large event.

Get Social


Your virtual event can live outside of your meeting platform. Continuing conversations on social is a powerful tool in increasing engagement and overall involvement with the event. Make a unique event hashtag so that everyone’s thoughts are aggregated in one spot across all platforms. Hashtags also make it easier for attendees to connect and for you to gather feedback. To keep things more internal, create a Slack channel or group chat for attendees to network afterward. Harnessing the power of social media enables the event to live beyond just one day.

Recognize Virtual Challenges

Only by recognizing the challenges of going virtual will you be able to truly have a successful event. What works in-person does not always translate online- and that is ok! Everyone is getting out of their comfort zone. Through trial and error, the right amount of planning, and a lot of enthusiasm for your event, you can create a meaningful virtual experience.

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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