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How To Prep for Thanksgiving at Work



Thanksgiving is just about two weeks away! Can you believe it? Each year, the holidays sneak up on us. Thanksgiving is not just a day for yummy food- it kicks off the entire holiday season, which can mean business and distractions at work. Balance is key as we enter this time of year. Prepping for Thanksgiving at work will ensure your holiday goes smoothly!

1. Team Planning 

Work with your team to ensure everyone is able to enjoy Thanksgiving stress-free (well, at least from work obligations). One week out, forecast upcoming deliverables. Plan together for PTO coverage and task prioritization, reschedule meetings, and prep for the return to the office. Take the time to ensure everyone is on the same page to avoid last-minute late nights or confusion. During the holiday season, leaning on the team is essential for group success and getting through tasks. 

2. Personal Schedule


Now that you’ve planned out everything with your team, it is time to tackle your personal schedule. Account for all the holiday-related tasks over the next few weeks, such as picking up family, grocery shopping, meal prepping, cleaning for guests, and more. Block off time in your calendar to take advantage of breaks and do what you can online to cut down on time in the stores. Holidays can add chaos, but if you plan correctly, everything will fall into place between Thanksgiving and work. 

3. Host a Celebration

What’s a work week before a major holiday without a little partying? Host a Thanksgiving celebration at the office! From a simple lunch out to coordinating a themed potluck spread, gather your colleagues to give thanks. Debate over which pie is supreme, share memories of the past year, and get to know each other better.

4. Festive Feelings 


Put yourself into the festive spirit! Use the season as an ice breaker for calls at work by asking others what they are cooking this year, or what they are thankful for. Add decor items to make your space more inviting to clients over the season. Take a break at work with your favorite Thanksgiving-themed episodes or pumpkin treat from a nearby local cafe. 

5. Honor the Season 

It is the season of gratitude! Prepping for Thanksgiving at work can go beyond professional responsibilities or celebrations. Give back to your community around the holiday. Host a food drive, donate clothes to people re-joining the workforce, or sponsor a family for holiday gifts. Supporting the community during this time is a great way to bring the team together while making an impact. 

Thanksgiving 21

How are you prepping for Thanksgiving at work? At AdvantEdge Workspaces, our team is here to support you through the holiday season. Book a space for a day, rent a meeting room, and use our client services coordinators to make this Thanksgiving the smoothest one yet!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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