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How To Prepare for Summer Vacation



Summer is in full swing! Whether you are a parent who wants to take advantage of the kids being out of school or you are looking for a beach vacation with family or friends, summer is the prime season for taking time off. Summer vacations can be hard to manage at work, with projects in full swing and competing time off from colleagues, clients, and vendors. However, it is not too late to plan something for yourself this year! Here are four ways to prepare for a summer vacation and time off from work: 

1. Use a Shared Workspace 

Full-service office space is the #1 way to prepare your business. Choose a location that offers mail collection, personalized call answering services, maintenance, and reception. It’s easy to come back from vacation when someone has been answering the phones, keeping packages safe, and collecting your letters.

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2. Plan it Out 

Build out timelines for projects to accommodate everyone's schedules. Planning tools like Google Calendar and Trello make it easy to assign roles, due dates, and meetings. Move all deliverables to before or after your time off, and build in a one-day buffer upon your return to the office. Planning for days off in advance prevents week-of panic and shifting deadlines at the last minute.

3. Automate 

Schedule posts and emails ahead of time to help you enjoy your time off, while also ensuring that your work gets accomplished. There should never be a lapse in posting or regular communications- even if you are offline. By scheduling posts, emails, and content weeks in advance, you can minimize the extra hours of work and stress that typically comes right before a vacation.


4. Tie Up Loose Ends 

Often, it is the little details that make us feel prepared to leave work. Set up out-of-office email responses, water plants, clean out the fridge, and tidy up your desk. Plus, in a shared workspace, you never have to worry about stolen packages or lost mail- meaning you can simply close your office door and hear out. 

With AdvantEdge Workspaces, prepping for summer vacation has never been easier. You may be OOO, but your business will stay up and running. Choose to be as unplugged or involved as you’d like while soaking up some sun. With fully customizable service, vacation your way this summer. 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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