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How To Spend Time Outside During The Workday



The weather is getting warmer, which means it's time to spend more time in the great outdoors… or at least outside the office. Time in fresh air throughout the workday can help improve your focus, quality of life, and productivity. Stepping out of the workspace may seem challenging amongst a packed calendar of meetings, but making time is easier than you think! Here is how you can easily spend time outside during your workday:

 1. Walking Meetings

Take the time spent locked away in a conference room and repurpose it outdoors. When acceptable, dialing into a meeting outdoors is the best of both worlds: getting work done while having fresh air. As a bonus, you also get to stretch your legs and pack in some steps along the way. 

2. Outdoor Lunch


Lunch is a built-in break that many of us take (or at least try to) each day. Sitting outside for lunch is the perfect way to clear your head. Get away from the computer screen and constant distractions. Sit on a park bench with a packed meal, or take yourself out to a nearby restaurant. Either way, the change of scenery will do you good. 

3. A Different Commute

Start your day off right with some outdoor time on your way to the office. Scootering, biking, or walking to work sets the tone for the 9-5 workday. Without aggravating traffic or mindless scrolling on phones, you will walk through the office doors ready to start the day. 

4. Take Work Outside


Whenever possible, take your work outside! Block off time on your calendar that is free of calls, unplug your laptop, and head out. Any space will do, from your backyard on remote days to a workspace rooftop. It helps to get out of your desk chair and sit in a different position for a bit. Working outside can also be a great excuse to try coffee shops or other spots around town. As long as there is Wifi, work can be accomplished!

5. Location Is Everything 

Working amongst tall buildings or in an office park where the only green comes from a parking lot median is uninspiring. Choose a workspace with easy access to quality outdoor spaces. The ability to walk to a park to have lunch or take a stroll to a waterfront for a break is a location amenity that often gets overlooked. 

Additionally, outdoor space within your workspace should be valued just as much as, for example, the parking situation. Rooftops, balconies, or courtyards are all nice ways that larger office buildings can provide green areas to clients. Not only is it a great place to come to during the workday, but these spaces can transform into a community gather point for the workspace, or the setting for your next event. 

At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we understand just how important it is to get outside during the workday. That is why our two locations have beautiful rooftops and are within walking distance of multiple parks. You can commute in on a bike or take a walk from many DMV area neighborhoods. Expansive windows within the spaces help bring sunshine and nature right to you, even when you are stuck at your desk for hours. Come see how you can spend more time outside during the workday at AdvantEdge Workspaces! 


Written by Juliana Levinson

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