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How to Stay Engaged at Work



Engagement at work isn’t just about staying motivated. It’s about reassessing your place in both your job and career. Often, this lack of motivation stems from not getting what you want out of your workday. Summer is also often a slower season for many businesses, which only increases how difficult it is to be engaged. As we head into fall, here are three tips for jump-starting your office life and reigniting your purpose at work.

1. Create New Opportunities


While certain things come to us in time at work, like promotions or bonuses, there are still so many aspects that we are able to change now. Identify areas of interest and how you can apply them to your current job. Obsessed with social media? Offer to run the Instagram account or contribute content. Enjoy writing? Ask to start a company blog. Want to mentor others? Propose a mentorship or intern program.

Chances are, no one is ever going to assume you want something unless you ask for it. So, find your passion, create a concrete vision/proposal, and shoot for the moon! The worse thing that can happen is being told “not right now” and the best thing that can happen is having a totally new role at work that you own.

2. Prioritize


Prioritize everything! From your daily tasks to long-term career goals to work/life balance, prioritization is key. For that everyday to-do list, try a new way of getting things done, such as the Pomodoro method.

When it comes to career goals, write out ideal long term plans. Think about what actions you can take to achieving what you want. Then, put a physical reminder of those goals in your office so that even on a bad day, you’ll have a reminder of what you are going after.

Prioritizing work/life balance goes along with being more productive during the day. However, you can take it a step further by finding new ways to make the most of working hours, like taking a lunchtime work out class or flexing your hours one day a week to get home chores done.

3. Switch Up Your Space


The easiest way to stay engaged is to have a space that you love to come to every morning. Refresh your office with a new coat of paint, plants, or an inspiring art print on the wall. If your workspace offers communal areas, try working from a lounge or outdoor area to break up your day. And if you have control over your office, try a new workspace solution, such as coworking! You may just find the communal and collaborative environment to be exactly what you needed.

No matter what you need to do to stay engaged at work, you’ll want a workspace that is there to support you. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we provide many ways for our clients to make the space feel like an extension of home. From customizable offices, to support services, to community events and amenities, our goal is to have you excited to walk through our doors every morning and get to work.

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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