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How to Stay Fit While Working From Home



Just because we are at home does not mean we cannot continue to hit our wellness goals! Take advantage of having more time to spend outdoors and a different daily schedule to stay fit while practicing social distancing and self-isolation. Below are three easy steps to moving more throughout your work-from-home day!

1. Partake in Classes

Both gyms and individual instructors are offering virtual classes to help you crush your workout goals. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, our clients are used to enjoying regularly scheduled classes throughout the week. Right now, people like our yoga instructor, Kseniya Tsoi, are providing classes online to help others maintain normalcy and to keep moving during these times. Between seeing who else is participating, interacting with the instructor, and having a time frame to hold yourself too, it is the closest way to replicate a typical class experience right now.

On-demand classes are also great for fitting into your schedule. Support your favorite local gyms and instructors by taking classes, not freezing memberships, tipping, and continuing to enjoy your fitness communities. You may even find a new class format that you'll fall in love with!

2. Break a Sweat Every Day

When you’re not leaving the house, a lot of inherent activity is lost, such as time walking around the office or heading to the metro. Exercising becomes a way to ensure you get your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes a day. From walking around the block, sitting in on a training while on a bike, or breaking every hour for plank- there are endless ways to get movement into your day. Take advantage of being home to workout in ways that may have been too difficult when going to a traditional office, like before the workday begins or at lunchtime. Put on gym clothes first thing in the morning so you’re ready to break whenever there’s a free block of time. While it is good to maintain your normal schedule when working from home, it's also nice to amend it in ways that previously weren’t possible!

3. Set Goals

Sometimes it's hard to not feel like quarantine has set us back from those New Year's resolutions that we joyfully set three months ago. Some goals may need to be put on hold, but other wellness-related ones can simply be amended. Be kind with yourself- global pandemics are not the norm, and it’s o.k. if you’re not hitting previously set benchmarks. Create new, quarantine friendly goals. Even if you didn’t have ones set before, they can help bring structure to times where there isn’t much to do. Step goals, workout goals, movement goals- all of these are great ways to stay motivated!

How do you plan on staying active during these times? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Juliana Levinson

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