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How To Stay Healthy at the Office This Winter



Yes, you can come back to work safely! Personal health is at the forefront of anyone’s decision to return to the office. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we go above and beyond to prioritize your health. Our mission is to provide a safe and clean space that you can feel comfortable being in all day. We are staying healthy while still getting work done and enjoying the workspace community. As the winter months approach, feeling well at work is critical. Read below for four steps you can take to have a sickness-free season!

1. Limit Interactions

Reduce your physical interactions with coworkers or other colleagues to the minimum. While it is safe to gather in small groups, you’ll want to reduce the number of people you are exposed to in close quarters on a daily basis, even if you are masked. Keep yourself and others healthy by moving non-essential in-person meetings to video conferences. With top-of-the-line technology at AdvantEdge, it will be hard to believe you are not in the same room! However, when you do need to meet in person, chose a conference room where you can stay socially distanced. In our shared workspaces, there are different room configurations that can safely accommodate a variety of group sizes.

2. Be Prepared With PPE

advantedge-workspaces-cleaning-proceduresAlways have a mask on hand! Masks are required in all common areas at AdvantEdge Workspaces. They keep us safe and provide an opportunity to show off some style. Choose one to match your outfit, show off your favorite sports team, or rep your company by ordering custom cloth ones for your entire team on a site like Custom Ink. We also recommend having a few disposables at your desk and keeping a backup mask in the car. For other forms of PPE, bring whatever you need to feel comfortable at work. Face shields can add an extra layer of protection while gloves can be good if you are touching a lot of surfaces. No matter what though, do not forget to sanitize and wash hands frequently!

3. Minimize Touchpoints

The less you touch throughout the day, the better! At AdvantEdge, we installed contactless features, such as faucets that will turn on with a wave of the hand. A strict and frequent cleaning schedule ensures that when you do have to use communal spaces, surfaces have been wiped down recently. But don’t worry, hand sanitizing stations are at the ready for you to cleanse before and after you pull a door handle or touch printer buttons!

4. Hybrid Working

health-safety-measures-advantedgeSplitting time between the office and home has never been easier. It’s important to be able to work seamlessly from different locations should any issues arise. A hybrid format enables your entire team to spend time in the office without overcrowding- and shared workspaces make this schedule a breeze! Should you or someone in your household or on your team get sick or exposed, client services coordinators at AdvantEdge are here to keep your business on track, from answering calls to receiving packages.

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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