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How to Stay on Track at Work During Vacation Season


stay on track at work

The lazy, hazy days of summer are prime vacation time. It may feel like everyday there is someone new with an “out of office” bounce-back email. Whether you are biding time until your holiday, just coming back, or saving your PTO days for another time of year, it can be hard to stay on track during the last weeks of summer. Here are six ways to keep yourself motivated for the rest of the season!

1. Get Your Flex On

...with your work day, that is. Starting and ending work one hour earlier can be the difference in making it home before rush hour and getting in the pool. Or being able to go for a hike before family dinner. If you are able to work from home, getaway for a day to a nearby town or waterfront area and sit yourself down in a cafe. In August, flexing your work schedule is key to staying on track while still enjoying the season.

2. Create a Schedule

For the rest of summer, do your best to not bring work home. Try new productivity apps, scheduling methods, or work spaces to maximize the time that you have in the office, and minimize the time you’re answering emails from home. If you are preparing for vacation or just want a weekend to unplug, eliminating all distractions during the workday is in your best interest.

3. Factor in the Fun

Whether you have been reminiscing on your latest trip or weren’t able to get away, one thing is for sure: vacation isn’t the only time for fun. Create an “end of summer” bucket list and vow to do at least one thing a week. List a mix of events, like festivals and ball games, and activities that can be done whenever, like kayaking or trying a new rooftop bar.

4. Be Outdoorsy

Take a call from a park bench, work from your building’s rooftop, or try a new place for lunch and sit on the patio. Getting outdoors for even 15 minutes during the day can provide enough vacation vibes to help you stay focused on work until five.

5. Revisit Goals

Summer is a mid-way point in the seasons. It’s the perfect for revisiting goals or resolutions that you have. August still gives you enough time to make strides towards whatever you want to accomplish in 2019. From taking on new roles to learning a new skill, plan for the next four months to ensure you feel good come 2020.

6. Get on a Plan and Go!

Or just get in the car or on a train! Vacations do not have to be complex, international voyages. A simple day spent in the country or a night at the beach can make a world of a difference in our mental health. Give yourself a break to unwind and enjoy the weather- you have all winter to stay at home watching Netflix!

For the rest of summer, you are ready to stay on track at work while enjoying the season! At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we believe that “vacation” doesn’t only refer to time out of the office, but to any type of mental reset. In our shared workspaces, we provide a variety of ways to unwind, such as outdoor areas, massage chairs, and in-house events that bring the vacation feeling to you! Tour our spaces today to see how you can make the most out of the summer season at work.

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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