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How to Stay Productive While Traveling for Work



Traveling for work can be both a blessing and a curse. On one side, you get to (hopefully) explore a new city, stay in a nice hotel, and have some great business dinners. But on the other hand, traveling majorly disrupts your routine and removes you from your familiar office. It can be hard to stay on track in a hotel lobby or at a nearby coffee shop. If you’re used to a private space with the typical office amenities, having to battle high schoolers getting frappuccinos after class is just one of the many obstacles you’ll face. Let’s get back on track and stay productive while working remotely with these four tips.

1. Assess What Tools You Need

private office with logoIn order to be productive, you’ll need the tools that you use the most when at home. Is a monitor essential to your sanity? Or do you need unlimited access to a printer? You’ll never be able to travel with everything you typically use, so identify one or two dream items that you'll need in a space.

2. Make the Most of Your Location

When possible, pick a location that is central to everything you want to do. The more walkable, the better- and the less time you lose on public transportation or in a car. If you have no say in your accommodation, identify all nearby spots to work in. Also look out for local gyms, grocery stores, and food options. Keeping elements of your routine, like working out and eating the same foods, will maintain a sense of normalcy, allowing you to be your most productive self.

3. Find the Perfect Temporary Workspace


The main key to productivity while working offsite is to find the right environment. Coffee shops, lobbies, or a hotel desk are full of distractions. Maintain the professional space that you are used to by renting a day (or short-term) office in a shared workspace. Whether it’s a private office or a spot at a coworking table, being surrounded by like-minded professionals is what you need for a successful workday.

4. Set up and Let the Productivity Flow

After securing your spot in a shared workspace, it’s time to set up. From a private space to make confidential calls to technology that makes video-conferencing easy, anything you need is on hand. Send a fax, grab lunch, or make a cup of coffee without having to pack up all your stuff and head to a different location.

Day and short-term rentals in a shared worskpace help you stay on track at work while traveling. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we offer solutions for any type of frequent traveler. With two central locations in D.C., let us be your home away from home!


Written by Juliana Levinson

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