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How to Successfully Kick off the Holiday Season



Whether you’re going back to work on Black Friday or enjoying a long weekend, the Thanksgiving holiday marks an important time to express gratitude, relax, and prepare for the rest of 2019. Read below for five tips on navigating the Thanksgiving season as a working professional!

1. Give thanks

Gratitude is for all areas of our life- including our job, coworkers, and workspace! Click here to learn more about how you can express your thanks at work. A little effort can go an incredibly long way when it comes to making others feel appreciated.

2. Take time to connect with co-workers

Thanksgiving provides the perfect format for connecting with coworkers. If any of you are in the office the next day, throw a leftovers potluck! It’s a fun and easy way to spend time together outside of normal office chatter. The theme of giving thanks is also a great basis for planning a community event. Have a “Friendsgiving”, volunteer at a local food pantry, or even spend time making a card for people you're thankful for. The holidays are a special time of year, and it’s important to acknowledge it in the office.

3. Reset at home

Do not take your day off lightly! Spending time at home is important for resetting at work. Think about your goals for the rest of the year. What do you need to do to hit that promotion, or earn a bonus? Maybe you want to switch jobs or even careers?

Look inward on your work life and take some time to contemplate what your next steps are. It’s time to finish the year (and decade) strong, so pull out a notebook, reflect, and make your game plan!

4. Budget

People typically face a higher level of financial stress or need to budget for more spending during the holidays. Get out a calendar (digital or physical), mark your paydays and see how they fall in between major times where you'll need to make purchases. Use a budgeting app like Mint and tap other money saving methods, such as Rent the Runway for holiday outfits, or scour eBay or T.J. Maxx for gifts that won’t break the bank. Even something as simple as handmaking a card versus buying a $5 will add up at the end of the season!

5. Solidify the Social Calendar

AdvantEdge's Thanksgiving celebration is just one of many holiday events on the calendar this year!

Holiday parties and gift exchanges and happy hours… oh my! Plan out your social obligations this season in the same way you plan out your budget. The season is filled with fun events, but saying “no” is just as important as saying “yes.” Make sure you do not over-extend yourself by axing events that you’re not looking forward to or that do not serve a larger purpose. While socializing is great, in December it’s imperative to also indulge in some self-care.

This Thanksgiving, lean on your workspace to guide you through the holiday. From event rooms to a last-minute coworking spot, your workspace can provide the support you need. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we are here to help you around Thanksgiving and make the transition to the holiday season as smooth and painless as possible!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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