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How to Successfully Move Offices



Did you know May is National Moving Month? It is a great time to switch spaces, right after the frigid winter but before scorching summer temperatures. If you’ve been thinking about going from a traditional workspace to a shared workspace, now is the time! At AdvantEdge Workspaces, there are a variety of solutions, from virtual to coworking to private rooms and suites. Here’s how you can have a seamless move this month with AdvantEdge: 

1. Pick an Office Space Solution

The first step is to decide what type of space you need. There are many factors that go into choosing your new office space, including team size, privacy needs, how often you have guests, meeting rooms, and more. Click here for a breakdown between coworking and private office space, and here for options based on your profession. 

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2. Have a Plan 

No matter how easy your move may be, it is always essential to have a plan. Everyone should have a role for the move, from packing responsibilities to who is coordinating day-of. Moving is a great time to purge items that no longer serve you. Dispose of old electronics, shred papers, and donate anything that has not been used in the past year. Create a shared checklist to keep everyone in the loop and on track. Ensuring an organized process and flow of information will help everyone stay on track. 

3. Fully Furnished 

Have you ever tried to move a heavy desk or couch into a new space? With AdvantEdge, there is no need to relive past moving horrors. Prior to move-in day, you can select office furniture so that your new space is fully furnished by the time you arrive. Feel free to bring in your own items and decor, but you can leave the larger pieces to us! 

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4. Service Set-Up 

AdvantEdge sets up all of your utilities. No need to waste time having frustrating conversations with electric and internet providers. In a full-service space, utilities are included- even high-speed internet! You will also be able to hit the ground running with phone services and mail reception. Phone lines will be pre-programmed and on your first day you’ll set up inbox passwords and personalized voice messages. Mail will be received from day one and stored safely while you complete the move-in process. You’ll never miss a package, call, or email! 

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The last step? Moving in! On moving day, have a point person to help movers. Know where you are going to park and have the whole team participate in packing and labeling items. The only thing left is to unpack and enjoy your new workspace. With AdvantEdge Workspaces, switching offices does not have to be daunting. Contact us today to start your move! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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