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How to Successfully Take Vacation Days During the Holidays



The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but not everyone can leave their office worry-free. While we all wish to leave our work at the office, the holiday season poses a challenge to companies, and especially small business owners, everywhere: how can I leave work for a week and keep the business going? Employees are checked out, all the attention is on what festive treats are in the lounge, and holiday obligations compete for our time. It can be exhausting trying to think about how to keep things afloat without seeming like the Grinch.

Amenities provided by a shared workspace are the simplest way to navigate time off around the holidays. Whether you are already in a great workspace or are looking to make adjustments for the future, this time of the year is the most wonderful in a shared workspace.

A serviced office space relieves the burden of closing up an office for a few days. Choose a location that offers mail collection, personalized call answering services, maintenance, and reception. No need to worry about if someone left a light on or if your mailbox is overflowing! Gone are the days of fearing what you may find when you open the office after a few days because a trusted and professional staff member will keep everything in order for you.
Beyond your workspace, minimize disruptions by setting up away messages for email and communicating vacation days with clients. Make a schedule that lists end-of-the-year time off and deadlines so that the whole office is on the same page. Preparing ahead of time will ensure that things will run smoothly once people are on vacation.

Around this time of year, there is no such thing as overcommunication. Make clear out-of-office plans so that coworkers know what to follow up on and prioritize in your absence. Enable an email vacation responder that communicates clear boundaries and a backup contact for emergencies. Set expectations around working hours around the holidays to avoid frustration and resentment. And finally, don’t forget to communicate festive cheer! 

happy holidays!
This year, shut your laptop without care and enjoy the holiday season with loved ones! At AdvantEdge Workspaces, your business is maintained by professional support staff so you can have some well-deserved time off. How are you spending your time off this season? Share in the comments below! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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