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How to Survive Back to School Season as a Working Parent


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Back to school season is here! The lazy days of summer are over and it is back to homework, early mornings, and the general craziness that comes with a new school year. As a working parent, it can be tough to make the transition along with your kids. Here are four tips for slaying back to school season while keeping up at work!

1. Convenience is Key

Nowadays, there is an app or service that can replace every household task- so that advantage! Use Instacart and skip the grocery store, hire a Task Rabbit to fix a leak, and even have someone else deal with laundry by using Cleanly. It’s time to sit down and think about what truly takes up the most time in your day, what could easily be transferred to someone else.

2. Have Honest Conversations About Scheduling

Whether your office has flex hours or you sweat if you aren’t in by 9, scheduling is always a tough conversation to have. Set aside some time with your manager to go over what your schedule might look like during the school year. Even if there are no major changes, it’s all about managing expectations, such as needing to work from home because of a sick child or running into school for a classroom activity.

3. It Takes a Village

However crazy things may get during the school year, it is important to have a network behind you and know that you are not alone. Create a group of people you can turn to and trust when in a bind or when having a childcare emergency. This can include sitters, family, friends, neighbors, and other parents at school.

4. Get Organized and Set a Routine

No one is expected to be Pinterest perfect when it comes to being an organized parent. However, a little can go a long way. Start with one small system, like organizing lunch items in the fridge or folders for different school papers- and work from there.

Routines can help with organization as well. Setting boundaries for bedtimes, homework times, dinner and more is healthy for children and parents. The kids will know what is expected of them each night and parents can better plan their evenings for both family time and some self-care.

Take a deep breath…. you’ve got this! The transition from summer to school is difficult for everyone. You are your kid(s) are all adjusting together. Be patient- getting the hand of a new schedule takes time, and the first few weeks (or months) can be super transient as you discover what works best.

After settling into the new school year, see if your workspace is, well, working for you! Shared workspaces are perfect for working parents who want flexible options, amenities, and services that help minimize the time in the office and maximize your time at home.

Come head over from the bus stop and check out our spaces today!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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