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How To Take a Real Vacation and Keep Your Business Running



Dreaming of a week fully unplugged from office life? While it may seem impossible sitting at your desk, a real vacation is more feasible than you think. Running a small business is challenging, and when you wear so many hats, it is complicated to disengage. However, with careful planning and the right workspace, you can achieve pure out of office bliss. Here’s how you can give your team the right tools to keep things running while you take a break:

Minimize Potential Disruptions
The first step to a successful stint away from the office is to plan ahead. Set up away messages for email and communicate your upcoming absence with clients. Create an out of office document to be shared internally that outlines how tasks will be allocated amongst your team. Additionally, implement a chain of command for questions and emergencies. Your team should know who to turn to for answers or when it is necessary to reach you.

Work Beforehand


Schedule posts and emails ahead of time to help you enjoy your time off, while also ensuring that your work is accomplished. There should never be a lapse in posting or regular communications- even if you are offline. By scheduling posts and content weeks in advance, you can minimize the extra hours of work and stress that typically come right before a vacation.

Set Yourself Up for Success
Create timelines that work for you. Don’t schedule a full day of meetings the first Monday back. Avoid having major deliverables that the team would need to handle in your absence. Start prepping early by tackling upcoming projects. Similarly, ensure a smooth return by organizing your work life. Label and prioritize emails, make a to-do list ahead of time, and block your schedule for answering emails and calls.

Serviced Office Space
Full-service office space is the #1 way to ensure that your business stays on track while you’re soaking up some sun. Choose a location that offers mail collection, personalized call answering services, maintenance, and reception. It’s easy to come back from vacation when someone has been answering the phones, keeping packages safe, and collecting your letters.

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A serviced office space also relieves the maintenance burden when it comes to closing up the office for a few days. You can step out without wondering if that sandwich ever made it into the trash because a trusted and professional staff member has been keeping everything in order for you.

At AdvantEdge Workspaces, our office solutions come with first-class service and amenities. We’ve got you covered so that you can truly enjoy your time off. Contact us to see how switching to a serviced office space will transform your vacations!
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Written by Juliana Levinson

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