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How to Take Guilt-Free Time off From Work



Summer 2020 is anything but traditional, but many people are still taking vacation time this season, whether it’s going camping, spending time at the beach, or just recharging at home. Taking time off shouldn’t induce guilt- it’s necessary for your productivity and happiness. There are inherent stressors that come with being out of the office, such as missed calls, overflowing inboxes, and worrying about your space. However, with a serviced workspace, you can take guilt-free time off this summer! Read on to learn how:

1. Access on the Road

Although we’d like every vacation to be work-free, it isn’t always possible. Emergencies arise, due dates get moved, and meetings need to happen. As an AdvantEdge client, there is no need to be worried about getting stuck doing work on sub-par hotel WiFi or needing to take a call from the beach. AdvantEdge is a member of ABCN, which provides access to a network of business centers around the world. No matter where you are on vacation, you’ll have a place to get work done should you need it!

2. Mail Services

In a serviced workspace, the mail is taken care of for you. No need to worry about your box being overstuffed, or a package getting stolen! At AdvantEdge, packages are received and stored safely, mail is collected, and we can even provide updates as to what has arrived. Additionally, you can go on vacation and leave items at the front desk to be sent out while you are away.

3. Stay Connected

At AdvantEdge, client services coordinators provide call answering services, both when you’re in the office and when you’re taking time off. They can forward the calls to your cell phone, voicemail, or take a message. On vacation, you can put your phone on silent knowing that no one will get an endless ring and that there will always be someone to answer and professionally represent your business.

4. A Well-Maintained Space

A serviced office space relieves the maintenance burden when it comes to closing up for a few days. No need to worry about if someone left a light on or if there is food in the fridge! Gone are the days of fearing what you may find when you come back to the office because a trusted and professional staff member has been keeping everything in tip-top shape for you.

Ready to take time off guilt-free this summer? Contact us today to see how switching to a serviced workspace can help you relax and enjoy your vacation!


Written by Juliana Levinson

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