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How to To Survive Winter at Work



This past week saw temperatures in D.C. drop to the single digits. Winter is making their presence known! This season can be difficult for many, with grey skies and freezing weather the beginning of the “winter blues.” These feelings can trickle into the workplace, making getting through the day difficult. Here are three tips for surviving winter at work: 

1. Stay Healthy

Not only are there winter blues to worry about, but winter sickness too. Focus on your health this season! Stay hydrated and keep a nutrient-rich diet. Incorporate movement into your day. And most importantly, make sure your workspace prioritizes wellness. At AdvantEdge, stay active with full-service gyms within your workspace building (no need to step out into the cold air), stay distanced when necessary in a variety of different spaces, keep your mental well-being in check, and more! 


2. Work from Home

The flexibility to work from home can make all the difference on those cold winter mornings. Create a home office you can turn to when the commute is too much. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, when you are away from the office, things are still business as usual. Work from home without worrying about calls, packages, and mail. You’re space and admin tasks will remain status quo as you recharge and work from the comfort of your personal space.  

3. Improve Physical Surroundings

Your physical workspace can impact how you feel. Switching up elements in the office is a quick and easy fix to feeling better. Ensure you’re in a space that receives natural light, provides some degree of a view, and is centrally located. Taking time in the dark to commute only contributes to seasonal sadness, so try and be in a workspace that is convenient and in a great neighborhood.

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You can also create a warmer environment in your space through personal touches. Print family photos to display, bring in a weighted or heated blanket, or hang a bright piece of art on the walls!

Throughout winter, above all else, it’s important to listen to yourself. Focus on wellness in all aspects, keeping yourself healthy and happy. Feeling blue this season? Check out AdvantEdge Workspaces and brighten up your workday with modern, amenity-rich spaces! 

Wellness @ AdvantEdge 

Written by Juliana Levinson

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