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How to Use Instagram for Your Business



A polished and curated Instagram feed can make a huge impact on any business. Being active on Instagram helps build credibility, establish an image, and bring in clients. If the mere thought of logging onto Instagram makes you swear, or if you don’t know how to translate your skills from a personal to a professional setting, then these tips are for you! In six easy steps, you’ll easily take your business Instagram to the next level.

1. Post Frequently


Instagram does not matter unless you have great content! Designate a member of your team to take photos of events, projects, and office life. Focus on shooting evergreen content- pictures that work for any situation or any time of year. Taking photos should never be stressful and having a stockpile means you can pull content whenever you need it.

In a photo rut? Switch it up with quote photos, employee profiles, or a fun “series” such as how people decorate their office spaces.

2. Create a Cohesive Look

Image isn’t everything but it can be the difference between someone clicking away or lingering on your profile. Edit photos with the same filters, or if you want to get fancy, purchase presets from a blogger whose style you admire to ensure each photo has the same look.

Focus on creating images with similar layouts, alternating photos with quote posts, or using certain backgrounds or negative space. A thoughtfully layed out feed conveys professionalism and makes you stand out.

3. Use Relevant Tags

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Research local popular tags and include them in your posts. This will make your profile easier to find if someone is looking for services that you provide! Hashtags are also a great way to aggregate content that other people post about your business. Creating a unique hashtag gives people an easy way to connect with you.

4. Master the Bio

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The bio is the first thing a new visitor to your profiles reads. Create a catchy, concise description of your business. Next, make your bio as informative as possible by adding in your location, a company or industry hashtag, linking to your personal profile (ex: “founded by @johndoe), and including contact information. You should also link your website in the bio for easy referencing in posts.

5. Insta Story like a Pro

Instagram stories are a powerful platform on the app. It is an organic way to share what you are up to and show off your business in a natural way. Stories help showcase who you are without having to carefully curate an image and caption.

6. Engage With Others

Social media etiquette can be hard to navigate. However, the old phrase “treat others how you want to be treated” applies on the apps too! Like other account’s content, comment on photos, follow relevant organizations or others in your industry, and respond to comments on your own page.

If your business is not on Instagram, you are missing out on free marketing. Nowadays, people turn to social media to verify the legitimacy of a business, to learn more, and to get a better feel for the brand or services. Now that you are armed with these six tips for the perfect professional account, it is time to go out there and get on the ‘gram!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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