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How To Use Twitter for Your Business



Over the past 15+ years, Twitter has evolved into an essential business marketing tool. This social media network is more than funny commentary or news updates! The platform has so many features small businesses can take advantage of. If you are not tweeting yet, you have got to get on the platform! Here are five ways you can use Twitter to your benefit at work: 

1. Set Up Your Profile

To get started, you’ll need to do more than create an account. The profile is people’s first impression of your business online. Optimize your account setup by uploading an easily identifiable profile picture and banner, adding a location, inputting a website (or link tree), crafting a bio, and drafting a pinned tweet. The pinned tweet stays at the top of your feed and should encapsulate what you want a follower to get out of your page. This could be a link to a new product, an advertisement for services, or sharing a bit about yourself. 

2. Find Your Voice 


Every business should have a unique Twitter voice. Are you sarcastic? Happy-go-lucky? An online cheerleader? More specifically, will you use the first person to engage with others, or speak as a larger company? These are important questions to ask yourself when building up your Twitter presence. People look for brands that grab their attention and stand out in their feeds. Depending on the focus and tone of your business, you’ll find a unique voice that suits your goals.

3. Engage

Building an engaged community is essential to making Twitter beneficial for your business. Start by following relevant organizations and people in your community and industry. When people comment on your tweets, respond back. Seek out other pertinent content that you can comment on to further promote visibility and connection. Over time, you’ll see that follower base grow!  

4. Promote 

The News Social Media Marketing Instagram Post

Twitter is a powerful advertising platform. You can promote tweets and place ads in the feeds of relevant demographics. Target groups by location, specific age ranges, and interests. Test the waters with some promoted tweets and analyze the data to see how to best expand your audience! 

5. Have a Plan 

Longterm, have a vision for how Twitter can work for your business. As one part of an overall marketing strategy, this platform can be great for direct customer engagement, staying on top of industry and community news, and promoting written content to a new audience. This site isn’t photo or video based. You’ll get to show another side of your business through Twitter. Create data-based goals, use a content calendar, and employ a scheduling service to keep your account growing this year! 

Twitter is just one of the many social media platforms that can help small businesses thrive. You can also check out these tips for Instagram and Facebook! At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we know how important marketing is for business owners. As a shared workspace client, you can take your social game to the next level! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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