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How To Use YouTube To Your Advantage



A YouTube channel can be a powerful marketing tool to leverage for your small business. Video content is appealing to potential customers, and the format provides an opportunity to show different aspects of your company. If you have not yet worked on a business YouTube channel, now is the time to round out your online profile with diverse content that gives you a marketing advantage.

1. Post Thoughtfully

Take time to plan out a variety of content that will convey different dimensions of the business. Employee interviews, business history, an overview of services, and client testimonials are all great places to start. Think of YouTube as a resource. You can link videos on other social media channels, post them on the website, and use them as a visual addition to communication with potential clients.

The title and tags of your video matter just as much as the content. Titles are what draw people in, and tags allow your video to gain better search visibility. Titles are weighed heavily when people are searching, so be sure yours is as specific as possible. The best way to come up with a title is to think, “what would the ideal client be searching on YouTube?” For example, instead of “Our Services” try “5 Services Our D.C. Home Security Business Offers.” The later will likely come up in searches about home security systems, whereas talking about services without any context will push the video to the bottom of the algorithm.

2. Pay Attention to Aesthetics


Videos do not have to be professionally made, but aesthetics do matter. If a formal production company is outside of your budget, look to local freelancers or film students. They have access to equipment and experience with editing software but may charge different fees, or can be flexible in terms of packages. A clean, cohesive, branded look is essential to the success of any professional channel.

In addition to the video title, thumbnails help draw people in and could determine whether someone clicks on your video or competitors. Take time to create a unique thumbnail, instead of just pulling a frame from the video. Use a free service like Canva to add text, graphics, and a logo for a thumbnail that stands out from the crowd.


3. Include a Call to Action

Each video should tie back to a specific action. Remind viewers to like the videos and subscribe to your channel, which will boost your position in the algorithm. Be sure to build out each video description as well. Include links to your website and reiterate important information, such as a discount code or hours of business. You can also put pop-up boxes within the video itself, making it seamless for viewers to click and learn more about whatever you want.

4. Have a Business Account

Even if you are already a Gmail user, create a separate business account. This type of account allows for multiple users to have access and ensures that everything looks branded and professional when you are posting and engaging with viewers in the comments. You’ll also receive specific insights about viewer demographics and get analytics to review and help shape future content.

To learn more about AdvantEdge Workspaces, check out our YouTube channel below for client testimonials, workspace tours, and more!


Written by Juliana Levinson

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