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How to Virtually Motivate Your Team



Even though some of us are slowly returning to our workspace, chances are your full team will not be back in the same office for a while. While many employees love the flexibility of remote work, it can be hard to stay motivated when you are not physically with coworkers. Learn how to keep spirits and productivity high with these four ways to virtually motivate your team:

1. Communicate Consistently

Schedule weekly one-on-one check-ins with each member of your team. Have group video calls where everyone can talk about what they are working on. Make yourself available for calls and chats. The removal of in-person interaction places more importance on being an effective communicator. It is up to you to set the tone for others, as nothing can be more frustrating to a remote team than an online misunderstanding.

Additionally, do not be afraid to praise your team! Set up a Slack channel or chat dedicated to discussing wins. Everyone could use a little boost, and it will help keep your team motivated even if they can’t hear accolades in person.

2. Get In Front of the Camera

So much can get lost in translation in an email- not to mention, reading countless paragraphs gets tiring for both you and employees. Switch it up by recording a video and sending it out. People will appreciate seeing your face, and you’ll be surprised by how much easier it is to explain things when others can see your expressions and hear your tone.

3. Keep Spirits High

Let’s face it- it can get lonely working at home, so place a focus on virtual team bonding. You can go beyond a typical happy hour and use this time to support local small businesses. ArtJamz is offering take-home paint boxes and numerous restaurants are offering online cooking and mixology classes. There are many ways to have fun and help out the community at the same time!

Keep in mind the uncertainty that many are facing right now in their personal (and maybe professional) lives. Be transparent about your business outlook. Be flexible if others have to rearrange schedules and understand if they need to pick up a side hustle. Keeping spirits high isn’t just about social activities, it is about supporting people’s health and wellbeing as well.

4. Maintain Traditions

Did you all grab coffee every Friday? Was there a big summer bbq that everyone looked forward too? Try to maintain and adapt workplace traditions for these times. Send your team a Starbucks gift card and then hop on a video call to catch up, or plan a distanced gathering in a park. Keep the same traditions for work achievements too, such as promotions and anniversaries. You can send a gift box from a local business or give everyone a stipend to buy lunch to celebrate. Maintaining traditions is fun, but will also keep everyone connected- which makes for a smoother transition back to the office.

At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we provide tools such as video conferencing services, admin support, and coworking desks to help your remote team thrive. There is nothing more motivating than knowing you have a full support system behind you! Click below to learn more about our virtual workspace services:

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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