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How To Work From Anywhere This Year



This past year has highlighted just how essential flexibility is. Many people have taken advantage of work from home to move cities, camp out in nature, travel across the country, or even take their laptops to new places in town. With a wifi connection, it is possible to work from anywhere these days. However, some details may be holding you back, such as needing to maintain a business address or having access to meeting room space once a month. Below, we are breaking down how you can take your remote work game to the next level and learn how to work from anywhere

The first step is to assess your needs and wants. What is essential for keeping your business running while you are working elsewhere? Perhaps you need a professional phone number and someone to route your calls. Or, you need a secure address for packages and business information so that you don’t need to give out your home location. Even if your business doesn’t need these tools to run, you may find yourself needing a space to host meetings or a quiet room to hop on a video conference. 

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As for your wants, what is your business lacking that could make your workday more comfortable? Maybe you’d like the ability to have your mail forwarded to you anywhere in the country. Or perhaps having someone answer your dedicated professional number with a personalized message will help you vet calls and control your day. To successfully work from anywhere, you will need to think beyond the necessities. Level up your entire business through virtual office space amenities that can positively impact your day. 

Once you’ve decided what you need to make working from anywhere work for you, it is time to find an established workspace that will support your business. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, flexibility is paramount. With a variety of offerings ranging from administrative support to in-person space when you need it, everything that can make your work from anywhere journey successful is all under one roof. Two locations in D.C. make it convenient to use a coworking desk or meeting space when in town. Client services coordinators are with you every step of the way, ready to go above and beyond with any task to help your business. 


On top of all the other business offerings, you also gain access to our community. As clients decentralize their workforces, there is a place for everyone, even those who aren’t in the physical spaces, to be part of the community. From virtual happy hours to themed events, there are always new ways to forge connections. When working remotely starts to feel lonely, you have an entire group of like-minded professionals to lean on from the AdvantEdge community. 

The final step is to fully get comfortable in your new setup and enjoy working from anywhere! It is amazing to see how a little support and the right amenities can go a long way in making remote life a breeze. This year, don’t let anything hold you back when it comes to creating the work environment of your dreams. Click the button below to start building your remote experience with AdvantEdge Workspaces today! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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