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Is Coworking the Right Office Space Solution for You?



Offices spaces shifted dramatically over the past two years. For many people, physical workspace went from an undeniable fact to a “nice to have.” The entire work landscape is different, from the “Great Resignation” of people trying their hand at freelancing or entrepreneurship to companies giving up those cubicles for good. That leaves the average person with some choices to make. Is it best to work from home with distractions or in a noisy coffee shop? Our office environment ties into our productivity and happiness, so why not explore an in-between solution: coworking. This workspace solution has been trendy for a while, but is it actually a good fit for you? Read more to find out:

1. Open Collaboration

With coworking, the whole idea is to be in a collaborative community with like-minded people. The area is typically open, with each person having a spot to conduct work. These spaces can range from couches to long tables to personal desks in large rooms. The environment aims to foster connections. You’ll have personal space with ample room to socialize and be around others.

2. Excellent for Extroverts

You deserve to work in style 2

When thinking of the right workspace fit, look inward. If you recharge by spending time with others and feel energized through social interactions, then you are an extrovert. Coworking is the right option for you because you are surrounded by opportunities to socialize and connect. Whether at your desk or making a cup of coffee, you can strike up a conversation and network.

3. Independent Workers

For those who freelance or work independently, a coworking space provides a much-needed social outlet. You’ll get the office experience while still having your own designated area and all the support of a traditional workspace.

4. Business Size

Coworking is a perfect option for people who work solo or with a partner and don’t need the privacy of an office. When needing to meet with others, use on-demand conference room rentals. Outside of larger gatherings, having a dedicated desk within your coworking space ensures that you can establish roots and keep personal items together, while still enjoying the open environment.

4. Amazing Amenities


Just because you don’t have private office space doesn’t mean you don’t want helpful amenities! Services like live reception provide a professional atmosphere and personalized call-answering services. Lounge spaces and outdoor areas are places to relax, grab a coffee, have lunch, and connect with others in the workspace. And on top of all of that, community events are perfect for building professional and personal networks.

At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we provide unique coworking spaces that are perfect for ambitious professionals. We strive to create a community of like-minded individuals with first-class amenities and communal areas. If you fit the description of someone who is the right fit for coworking, come take a tour today and see how your business can thrive at AdvantEdge!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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