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Attention Businesses: Join the Pinterest Craze Today!



pinterest blog imageIn light of National Pinterest Day on August 6th, AdvantEdge is compiling this list of tips for how to optimize your Pinterest account.  In the beginning of 2012, Pinterest was the hottest new social networking site on the market and its popularity has only continued to grow.  Many businesses have joined the “pinning craze” and now use it as legitimate social media marketing tool to drive traffic to their websites.  The following are five tips that will grow your Pinterest following and lead to a more robust presence:

1)      Pinterest’s basic DNA is founded in visual content, so start pinning visual content (such as eBooks, infographics, videos, customer photos, etc) as soon as possible!

2)      Add the pin-it button to your website so you can measure the traffic generated by your Pinterest account

3)      Add links in your pins’ description box in order to further drive traffic to your website and measure the ROI of leads generated via your Pinterest

4)      Use hashtags (like in Twitter) in order to make your Pins more search-friendly and encourage the sharing of your content

5)      Show your business’ personality by sharing photos of the employees behind your brand.  Pinterest is after all a social networking site dedicated to various lifestyles (such as cooking, arts, designers, etc), so just remember this golden rule: there is a fine line between marketing and blatant self-promotion.  Try and avoid blurring this line by reviewing Pinterest’s etiquette rules.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading these Pinterest optimization tips (especially if we’re introducing you to this exciting new social networking site).  However, these tips represent just a few of the basics to Pinterest marketing.  Please review this resource for a more in-depth analysis on how to use Pinterest as a business.  Now go start pinning!

Written by Trey Jones

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