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Keep Your Cool This Holiday Season in the Workspace



The holiday season brings joy and fun… but also stress. For everything this season throws at us, it is important to maintain a sense of calm and normalcy. After all, what fun is it if we can’t kick back and enjoy a party because we are too worried about work? The temperatures may be dropping, but here are four tips for keeping your cool this holiday season at work. 

1. Shed Light on Positives 

December is a time to celebrate all that went well this past year! Reflect on professional wins with your team and make a personal log of accomplishments. Reminding yourself of past success can help reframe current struggles. 

2. Take Pause 

self care

With the rush for end of year deadlines, holiday PTO, and general craziness, don't forget to take pauses throughout the day. Collect your thoughts before responding to an email or chat, center yourself before a meeting with some breathing exercises, and take moments to connect and give others your undivided attention. By taking small moments to clear your head, the holiday season won't get the best of you. 

3. Seek Out Calming Activities 

Routines and hobbies that make us happy are often the first to fall to the wayside during the season. Skipping the gym to work late, wrapping presents instead of reading to unwind before bed… we are willing to sacrifice the usual things we enjoy in the name of the holidays. Make a point to seek out your favorite activities and keep up routines. This season is also a great time to start implementing self-care into the workday as another tool to keep our cool. 

4. Make a Plan 

Between time off, adjusted schedules, remote work, and end-of-year deliverables, the happiest time of the year can quickly turn into the most stressful. This year, plan to have a smooth holiday season- one where you can be productive at work and still have ample time for celebrations! Click here for tips to stay on track at the office. Need some assistance this season? Well, then a shared workspace is the perfect solution to help navigate the holidays successfully. 


The weather outside may be frightful, but you can still have a delightful holiday season at work! Keep your cool by making a plan, taking time for yourself, and reflecting on a positive year. And if you need a little assistance, AdvantEdge Workspaces is here to help you throughout the season!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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