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Life in The Golden Triangle




We are proud to have our Downtown location at 2101 L Street located within The Golden Triangle, DC’s central business district. If you’ve walked or driven around the neighborhood, you have probably noticed signs with the name ‘Golden Triangle’ on streetlights, but this isn’t just a nickname for the area, it’s a community organization focused on building and maintaining a vibrant and thriving business community in Downtown DC.

The Golden Triangle Business Improvement District is a non-profit corporation founded in 1997 with the mission of promoting economic development in the area between Dupont Circle and Pennsylvania Avenue NW through public events, capital improvement projects, and neighborhood beautification. Here are a few things we should thank The Golden Triangle for that you may not have realized they are responsible for:

Events: During the summer, The Golden Triangle hosts free outdoor Pilates, yoga and body sculpt classes at public parks in the area. When the weather is nice you can also enjoy picnics featuring games and fun pop-up activities in Murrow, Monroe and Farragut Parks; and Friday night movie nights in Farragut Square. The Golden Triangle also provides WiFi, charging stations and work stations for public outdoor coworking days.

Beautification: As you walk or drive around the neighborhood, you will appreciate the gardens, parks, and public art installations that are a product of The Golden Triangle’s beautification efforts. This wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of The Golden Triangle Ambassadors, who clean up debris, fallen leaves and litter, clear snow and ice from roads and sidewalks, help set up for public events, maintain public plants and gardens, and generally make The Golden Triangle a pleasant place to work and visit. The Golden Triangle is also responsible for public art installations and sculptures that add to the vibrant culture of DC’s Downtown!

Tourism: About 100,000 people visit The Golden Triangle every single day, a lot of them work in the area but many are visitors from out of town and around the world. The Golden Triangle promotes tourism to the neighborhood by hosting events and providing resources and information regarding local attractions, dining, shopping and nightlife and by attracting new businesses to add to the fabric of the community.

Business Development and Coordination: The Golden Triangle tracks data regarding business and social life in the neighborhood which it shares in a monthly Market Report newsletter. The organization also compiles information about local places of business to share publicly in a neighborhood directory, tracks available retail spaces, and provides valuable resources to support new businesses moving into the area.


Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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