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Off the Hook: Buy Time and Save Money With Live Reception


Not every phone answering service is created equal, and while you might find the time savings and the professional feel of live reception appealing, often times a lack of customization and personal attention can be its downfall. With AdvantEdge, your services are always customizable, our staff truly gets to know your company, and for most of our plans, these services are already included! Here are some reasons to look into an answering service for your company, and what about our service sets us apart.

Customized to fit you


There is no “one size fits all” solution to phone answering service, so all of our plans include complete customization of your services. We answer the phones the way you’d like, and can even go so far as to screen for certain types of inquiries and transfer them appropriately. If you’re leaving the office or heading out on vacation, our system has unified alerts that let all of our reception staff know when to hold your calls and when to make sure they get through. All of this means you have confidence your calls are sent to the right places and you save time not having to be your own receptionist.

Professional assistance


Having live reception service that is tailored to your business also enhances your professional image. Rather than Google Voice prompts or Auto-Attendants, our staff can intelligently respond to caller needs and questions while acting as an extension of your company. We offer a better value than other answer-only services because we respond to your calls with a greater depth of knowledge about your company. Your profile can be updated complete with relevant information and instructions to ensure our staff always has the complete picture.

Feature Complete

Our enterprise grade VoIP phone system also ensures you have the latest technology at your fingertips. All our services come with voicemail to email attachment as a standard feature. The audio files sent directly to your inbox make it easy to catch up on your voicemail no matter where your calls are being forwarded or where you happen to be at the time. We also offer available voicemail to email transcription service to make sure that even in the middle of your meeting you can get an up to date textual message to your email. The flexibility provided to you by our system means that regardless of location you can stay connected and up to date. What good is your phone system if you can’t rely on it anywhere?

Upgrading to an answering service can go a long way to making your company more professional from the outside, and saving you valuable time from the inside. AdvantEdge provides the highest level of live answering service by incorporating customizable company, call flow, and call screening information into our answering system, making sure that no matter who is taking your calls we answer and distribute them the right way. Most importantly, with nearly all of our services, live reception comes baked right in, so right away you can start reaping the benefits. To find out more about our virtual office plans, or our full-time space complete with phone answering service, fill out the contact form at the link below!


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Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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