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Meaningful Ways To Use Meeting Room Space



Meetings rooms are great for your run-of-the-mill business gathering, but there is so much more one can do with access to these types of spaces. Here are six ways you can leverage meeting rooms professionally and personally! 

1. Host a Party

Meeting rooms aren’t just for professional gatherings! With flexible configurations, these spaces can be transformed into the party space of your dreams. Bring in decor and food to make the event your own, all while knowing guests will be taken care of in a professional, trendy, deluxe space. Learn more about hosting a party in a workspace here

2. Networking Event 

Besides business meetings, meeting rooms are also commonly used for networking. For lectures and panel discussions, rooms can easily be arranged to accommodate specific set-ups. You can also clear out the boardroom tables to create open spaces for people to connect. Plus, utilizing meeting rooms provides an inherent level of professionalism to a gathering. With modern reception, amenities, and support staff, your event will go off without a hitch. 


3. Social Gathering 

Meeting room spaces can be leveraged for all types of social events, from parties to community get-togethers to team happy hours. Especially during work hours or right after, meeting room spaces are more convenient than having your peers move to another location. People will be more likely to attend your gathering when all they have to do is walk down the hall! 

4. Team Retreat 

Are you looking for a place to spend quality time together as a team? Whether you are looking for some fun socialization or have serious leadership work, team retreats are the best way to gather colleagues. Skip out on regular schedules and meet for a day of bonding and growth. Meeting room spaces provide all the amenities you need while giving the team a change of scenery. Big or small, AdvantEdge has a room that will work for you. 

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5. Give Back 

Book meeting rooms for a cause! Rent spaces for budding businesses or entrepreneurs trying to get on their feet. Offer smaller rooms for people who may not have room at home to take job interviews or other important meetings. Or, use meeting rooms as a space for your team to come together and give back. Host a free seminar in your field or expertise, sort donations for a local non-profit, or plan an event for job-seekers. 

6. Get Down to Business

Of course, no list would be complete without including business meetings. After all, they are what most spaces are best designed to service. Click here for our essential tips for hosting a business meeting at AdvantEdge! 

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With so many reasons to book, what are you waiting for? Choose from a buffet of options and book your meeting space with AdvantEdge today! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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