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Sight for Sore Eyes: 5 Vision Impairing Mistakes You Make at the Office


We all know to wear sunglasses outside to protect our eyes from UV rays, but most office workers nationwide fail to recognize the damage they are doing to their eyes inside the office. Inadequate care of your sight in the office can lead to serious eye problems such as dry eye, eye twitching, redness, and migraines.  Reduce your eye risk at the workplace now to safeguard your vision later in life.  

Here are the top 5 eye health mistakes employees make in the workplace:

1. Failing to balance natural and artificial light

Here at AdvantEdge we build workspaces with your health in mind. Our centers are designed to balance both ambient lighting and natural lighting creating bright offices that reduce eye strain. Flexibility with office decorations and other personal touches ensure that your office is not just an office, but a healthful environment to work in every day. before_and_after-_healthy_office_eye_health

2. Failing to stay a safe distance from your monitor

Many employees rely on laptops, tablets, and smart phones throughout the day which we generally examine too closely. In order to avoid eye strain, the World Health Organization recommends keeping monitors 18-20 inches away from the face for minimal eye stress. The monitor should also be eye level to prevent unnecessary glare and squinting. Newer monitors have anti-glare finishes which lessens damage over time.

3. Failing to adjust brightness as the daylight changes

Most smart phones have auto-brightness settings that make your screen dimmer after the sun goes down. The application F.lux provides the same automatic adjustments for your computer screen based on the time of day.

4. Failing to take frequent breaks to give your eyes a rest

In order to keep your vision 20/20 make sure to follow the 20-20-20 rule. Take a break every twenty minutes to look at an object at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. Make use of that office view!

5. Failing to have an eye exam every year

A yearly eye exam is the best way to keep track of your eyesight over time. You might realize you need new glasses or contacts and keeping old prescriptions increases eye strain over time.

Follow these guidelines to keep your peepers sharp and healthy! We will continue to do our part to provide healthy workspaces beneficial to both your business success and your personal health. Use the button below to find out more about how AdvantEdge can create a customized, healthy office for you.

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Written by Jennifer Vitek

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