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Your Calls are Handled Professionally with Live Reception


reception-services-blog-6-18-2015When operating any kind of business, customer satisfaction and personal attention is always a top priority. However, with the increased usage of answering services such as Google Voice and other automated response systems, personal attention may take a backseat over efficiency. This is not the case here at AdvantEdge Business Centers; our on-site staff provides customized phone answering services according to your specifications so that no caller is left behind.

While you run your company, you can sit back and relax knowing your clients’ phone calls are being handled with the utmost care by our experienced Client Services Coordinators. You don’t even need to worry about set-up. Our team provides personalized service with customized settings that can be updated in real time, which, provides more flexibility than Google Voice and other automated service options. Since information is gathered about your company when you move in, we are better able to assist your clients with any questions they may have. While issues such as low call quality and no tech support are common with automated answering services, AdvantEdge’s live answering service, which operates using landlines, is always reliable.

Our receptionists answer calls quickly and efficiently, and the service is always available regardless of the office package you choose. We also gladly work with you to solve any IT issues that may arise. With us you don’t have to waste your time answering unnecessary sales calls due to number recycling caused by Google Voice and other automated systems. The live receptionists at AdvantEdge are always on hand during business hours to screen, forward, and patch calls for your company, using your own private DC phone number. We answer your clients’ calls according to the specific greeting instructions you provide and if you aren’t in the office calls can also be forwarded to any personal phone number.

We work as an extension of your company, providing personal service that automated answering services are simply unable to do. Let us provide you with peace of mind knowing that your clients’ needs are being handled with the highest quality and care. Click the button below to learn more and visit one of our centers to meet our experienced team today!

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Written by Kristel Rodriguez

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