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National Boss's Day: 5 Last-Minute Ways To Celebrate



Every October 16th is National Boss’s Day! While the holiday isn’t as widely celebrated as other appreciation days, in these times, it’s a reason to connect with your boss and show that you care. Even if you were unaware of the holiday until this moment, there are many last-minute ways to celebrate and make your boss feel special. No matter if you are in the office together or still working remotely, show appreciation for your boss today in these five different ways.

1. A Note

A sincere note is always a meaningful way to show appreciation. Express why you love working with your boss and share any personal anecdotes. If you are unable to deliver a handwritten note, use a site like Blue Mountain, which carries a variety of Boss’s Day e-cards.

2. A Treat

Everyone always has their go-to coffee order or meal that they treat themselves to during a hard day. Surprise your boss by ordering their favorite thing! They will be touched that you noticed their order, and it’s more personal than simply sending a box of cookies. You’ll know they’ll take a moment during the day to relax and enjoy themselves.

3. A Group Gift

Does your boss manage multiple people? Team up with coworkers to go in on a group gift. Schedule a fake meeting and then surprise your boss with a treat or a present. If you aren’t working in person, a video meeting will also work! Getting everyone together in one place to express their thanks is meaningful. Plus, you’ll be able to give a larger gift together, such as a spa treatment or something new for their workspace.

4. A Time To Connect

Bosses, like most of their employees, are almost always busy. This day can be an excuse to carve out one on one time with your boss that may be hard to get otherwise. Take them out for lunch, ask them to go for a walking meeting, or even just bringing them something is an excuse to start a conversation and connect.

5. A Sentimental Moment

Depending on your relationship with your boss, going the sentimental route can be a meaningful way to show that you care. Think back to past accomplishments and moments that you have shared. Create a gift based on those times, such as a gift card to a restaurant where you celebrated a big win or a memento from a city where you two mastered a conference presentation. Sentimental gifts show that you value your relationship over time.

National Boss’s Day does not have to be an elaborate affair. Showing appreciation, in any form, goes a long way. The most important thing to acknowledge today is the work that your boss does. This year has been challenging for everyone, so even a simple note can brighten their day. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we would like to say a big “thank you!” to all of the bosses, supervisors, and mentors in our workspaces. We hope everyone enjoys celebrating today!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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