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Location, Location, Location!


2101 L Street Office ExteriorDid you miss us during our mini-vacation? Due to some tricky technical difficulties, the AdvantEdge blog was temporarily MIA, but have no worries, this forced fun-cation is over and we’re coming back with a bang!

So have you heard?  AdvantEdge has a new location!  We have proudly welcomed tenants to 2101 L Street throughout last week (and will continue to in the following weeks), and to celebrate, this post is dedicated to business terms starting with the letter “L.”  So enjoy these little tidbits of lexical love!

  • L-shaped recovery: Economic data charted on a graph where the line has the shape of an "L." It measures an economic recession where one of the legs of the "L" represents a sharp downturn followed by flat sluggish economic recovery which is represented by the other leg of the "L. Japan's "Lost Decade" is a perfect example of an "L-shaped" recovery.
  • Laconic: Straightforward and to the point. Laconic statements involve as few words as possible to form a point.
  • Laddering: the action of repeatedly buying shares in a newly launched corporation so as to force up the price, then selling the whole investment at a profit
  • Lien: Creditor's conditional right of ownership (calledsecurity interest) against a debtor's asset or property that bars its sale or transfer without paying off the creditor. In a contractual arrangement, a lien is the right of a contracting-party to take possession of a specific asset of the other contracting party, in case the contract is not performed according to its terms.
  • Livery: Formal transfer (delivery) of the legal possession of a real property.

Definitions courtesy of businessdictionary.com

Stay tuned for more news on our new center, including an upcoming open house!

Written by Trey Jones

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