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None of Your Business: The Value of Confidentiality in the Workplace


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Working in a comfortable environment with a bustling network is nice, but protecting your intellectual and corporate property is absolutely crucial. Luckily for you, AdvantEdge Workspaces offers the best of both worlds!

Coworking and shared office spaces have never been more ubiquitous. This revolution has brought about exciting new developments for business life, but with new opportunities, new challenges also emerge. One major point of vulnerability in shared workspaces is that of privacy and confidentiality.

At AdvantEdge the private space we offer is truly private! Our workspaces are located in Class-A buildings with 24/7 security that require fob access and we do not display any company logos or signage in the lobbies or exterior of the buildings. The only glass walls we do have are frosted, so people can’t see your strategic plans and budget outlines from the hallway and your neighbors can’t peek at your computer screen through glass walls. Our attentive Administrative Support Team checks-in every guest and ensures that they have an appointment. We are accustomed to working with attorneys and mental health professionals and understand the confidentiality these types of work require.

When you need a break from your office you can always socialize in one of our lounges or kitchens as you enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee or during one of our community events. When it comes to your office space though, that space is for you and you alone. No distractions. No concerns about confidentiality.

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Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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