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Nonprofits Find Office Solutions in Executive Suites


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With Chicago's historic Hull House closing today, it's evident nonprofit organizations are among the entities hardest hit by the stumbling economy. If you run a non-profit and are looking for creative solutions to stretch donations further, an executive suite may be just the solution for your organization.  Claudia Gwilliam, Executive Director of the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project, says our staff is a big help in keeping her organization's daily operations running smoothly. Here are just a few reasons why non-profits & business centers are an excellent match.

Low Overhead - Nonprofit organizations need to direct as little funding toward administrative costs as possible. An executive suite at a business center is a great low cost alternative to traditional office space. Equipment like the copy machine, fax machine, and break room supplies are already in place, allowing you to focus more resources directly on your organization's cause.

Flexible Office Space - You never know when your organization is going to have the resources to expand or be forced to downsize. An executive suite offers many flexible leasing options: long term leases or short term office space, virtual offices or physical offices; whatever meets your needs. And, since you only have to pay for the services and space you require, it's easy to scale back to a part-time office or grow into a full flex suite.

Upgraded Look - Most nonprofit organizations can't afford comfortable, modern office space when starting out. An executive office center provides you with furnished office space, giving you the modern or classic upgraded look you want at an affordable price. Even if you'd just like to take advantage of the meeting room rentals executive suites offer, having real commercial office space gives your organization an authoritative look that will help potential donors, partners and volunteers take you seriously.

Built in Support Services - Fully serviced offices allow organizations to accomplish a great deal with a small staff. With live reception service and full administrative support services available as you need them, business centers can take care of so many of your organization's everyday needs. Powerful tools like an organizational blog, social media marketing and desktop publishing are readily available to you without hiring staff to handle them.

Networking Opportunities - Choosing a business center allows you to make connections just by coming into the office. Each of your suite-mates is a potential new donor or partner that can help your organization further its mission. Even if you choose a virtual office, you'll still be able to make these connections at your office's networking events.

The tailor-made services executive suites offer can be a great advantage to nonprofit organizations. Take a deeper look and you may find a business center is the right office solution for you.

Written by Trey Jones

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