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Office Leadership: Step-Up in Your Office Today!


Author: Gabrielle Jones

Leadership. This is the hot topic in offices in Washington with the recent first meeting of the 113th Congress and the forthcoming presidential inauguration. How do you define leadership in business? Does having a large corner office, a prestigious title, and the consummate salary settle the question? No. Being a leader in the office has evolved into a complex position that anyone with a mind to further their company’s mission can take-on. Here are a few things to keep in mind whether you are continuing or preparing to take on a office leadership role in your company.

    • Start within: Never be afraid to learn new things, and continue to educate yourself on techniques in your field and among business leaders. There are some great organizations out there that offer business leaders the chance network with each other and continuing learning about themselves as a leader.
    • Be yourself: The idea that all leaders have dominating, aggressive personalities is antiquated. The modern office needs leaders who have different traits and strengths, but share the desire to help and the ability to lead by example. Office leadership styles continue to evolve and there is room for all different types of personalities.
    • Have a vision beyond the horizon: One of the best marks of a leader is one who has a comprehensive vision, not just for tomorrow, but for the continuing future. Whether it’s planning a move to a modern office or the future of social media at your company, Leaders are leaders because they see beyond just their day-to-day obligations and address questions regarding the future.

"One of the best marks of a leader is one who has a comprehensive vision, not just for tomorrow, but for the continuing future."

    • Clarity is the key: You can lead from the top or the bottom of the corporate ladder, but no one will follow you if you cannot clearly communicate and demonstrate your vision. Everyone knows a leader must communicate effectively, but so often leaders do not have the foresight to seek clarity before communicating. If you don’t understand your vision, no one else will.

The status and quality of office leadership will continue to be discussed in Washington, D.C. offices as long as the city serves as our nation’s capital. Don’t just take part in the discussion of leadership, step-up and take a leadership role in your office. You may be surprised how much your contribution is needed and valued!

Written by Trey Jones

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