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Why Office Parks are No Place to Plant Your Business


When shopping for office space, it’s easyoffice-park-blog-image.jpg
 to get so wrapped up in conference rooms and amenities that you lose sight of one of the most critical aspects to consider: where the building actually is! There could be a chocolate fondue fountain in every office but that doesn’t mean anything if your building is hidden in some dull office park in the middle of nowhere.

To grow and prosper, businesses need to be accessible to employees and clients alike. You’re going to be spending at least 40 hours a week at work, not including lunches, client dinners, and after-work happy hours, so it makes sense to pick a neighborhood full of the fare you need. 

AdvantEdge has business centers located in two of the District’s most bustling business districts. The L street location is surrounded by restaurants and nightlife attractions, not to mention a bit of history with the White House and National Mall sitting within walking distance. L Street itself is well known in DC for its league of lunchtime food trucks with options ranging from unique Pho flavors to savory BBQ to indulgent fried chicken and donuts. Three Metro stops on three lines are in immediate proximity, the neighborhood is built to service businesses, and the concentration of associate organizations is ideal for networking opportunities.

Apart from Downtown, AdvantEdge also offers executive suites on the DC/Maryland border in the Chevy Chase neighborhood at Friendship Heights. Perfect for commuters as well as city residents, this business-oriented slice of Chevy Chase, DC has been expanding for years. Take a lap and you’ll find signature DC restaurants, a conveniently located Whole Foods, and retail from TJ Maxx to Gucci. The offices themselves are in the stylish Chevy Chase Pavilion which is equipped with a stunning naturally lit atrium and an underground tunnel network which connects the facility with the Friendship Heights metro station and the shops at Mazza Gallerie, the closest thing DC has to a mall.

Don’t isolate your employees and your business by settling for a homestead office in the middle of nowhere. Show the world you mean business with a prestigious address surrounded by the amenities you need to succeed!

Written by Griffin Suber

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