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Office Olympics: Go For the Gold at Work



With an extra year of waiting, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games have captured everyone’s attention. It’s hard not to cheer at your T.V. and marvel at the chance to watch smaller sports get the spotlight on the world stage. Since we know the games are on everyone’s mind until the closing ceremonies on Saturday, why not incorporate the Olympic spirit into the workday? Here are four ways you can go for gold at the office. 

1. Engage in Friendly Competition 

Create some business-specific friendly competition. Encourage your team to “go for gold” in sales, creating revenue, deals signed, or whatever your main performance indicator is. Watching world-class athletes all day is inspiring, so capitalize on that motivation to encourage your team to go the distance at work. At the end of the competition, hand out medals in addition to useful prizes such as a day off or a gift card for a local business. 

2. Adapt Sports for Some Office Fun 

We all take breaks throughout the day, so why not organize everyone and put an Olympic twist on them? Host mock games based on your favorite sports. This article shares lots of ideas, such as a pencil javelin throw and race walking while balancing a full cup of coffee. You’ll get some laughs, move around, and may even crown a first-time champion! 

3. Celebrate Nationalities 

The Olympics are at their core an event that brings the world together. Where every country can have a chance to shine. In your own office, take the time to celebrate everyone’s heritage. Have a team lunch featuring different national dishes, share fun facts at a meeting, or have a casual dress day where people can wear traditional garb. 

4. Award Medals 

Take the medal approach to your workplace. Award gold to employees in different categories, such as “best presentation” and “most punctual.” Presenting medals is just another way to acknowledge hard work and dedication, while still being in the Olympic spirit. 

At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we help you go for gold everyday. With the support you need to run your business, you’ll never be left in the dust. A world-class workspace for your world-class team, AdvantEdge has a multitude of solutions that can work for you. Click below to learn more! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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