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On Demand Assistance to Satisfy Your Company's Every Need


admin-assistance-blog-photoIncrease your productivity with the office efficiency and on demand administrative assistance provided by shared workspaces. From mail services, to IT support, phone reception services and more, shared workspaces are your company’s one stop shop for all the business support you need available anytime.

Phone Services

Shared workspaces provide customized phone reception services to give your business a professional presence while saving you time. At AdvantEdge Business Centers, you can choose to take advantage of our customized phone answering services or have calls sent directly to your desk. Our experienced staff uses a state of the art answering system that allows you to customize your call greetings and transferring procedures as it fits your business. Our system can also be updated in real time to accommodate your busy schedule. You can rest assured that callers will speak to a real person and you don’t have to worry about unreliable connections.

Mail Services

While most mail is now electronic, we know that not everything can be handled via email. With our mail services your letters and packages arrive at your desk moments after we receive them. Expecting an important delivery? Notify our staff and we’ll make a note to call you when it arrives. Also, for your convenience, we provide FedEx and USPS mailing service within the office. You never have to worry about what time the Post Office closes.

IT Support and Infrastructure

Shared workspaces provide comprehensive Internet and IT support services that keep your business working at maximum efficiency. By taking care of all the tech logistics, you don’t have to worry about unreliable connections or wait around for the tech support to arrive. Our staff is trained to troubleshoot basic technical issues on site anytime and if we can’t fix the problem we’ll schedule a professional to come out and solve the issue.

Printing and More

Lastly, with shared workspaces, you have access to printing and administrative services that save time and money. Instead of purchasing a printer to clutter your desk, we have printers and fax machines in the office for your use. If you are in a jam and need our assistance, our staff is available to take care of big printing jobs and presentation preparations ahead of time. We also offer notary services so that you can sign important documents in the comfort of your own workspace.

On demand administrative assistance is just one of the many flexible options shared workspaces provide to small businesses. With our personalized phone options and a wide array of office services available in house, you can save time and get your work done without running all over town. To learn more about services with our virtual and full time office packages click the button below.

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Written by Ariel Lumpkins

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