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The Power of a Company Blog: How Any Business Can Benefit


Blogging began as a form of expression, an outlet for the online community to release their frustrations and joy into the universe. Channeling our thoughts and feelings via the written word has long been used to produce a cathartic effect, and blogging began as a public platform to do so. Since its inception, however, blogging has grown into something much bigger. Blogs are no longer merely an expression of thoughts; they now play an important role in business in terms of building, branding and promoting your company.

Communicate with Potential Clients: Blogging provides a forum for individuals and
organizations to share ideas and communicate with prospective clients. Company blogs allow for the opportunity to highlight the value of your product or services via posts that provide pertinent information and relevant content that your clients can benefit from. They also create an avenue of interactive, ongoing communication by allowing for comments and responses. Long gone are the days of selling vacuums door-to-door and relying on tedious mail or phone surveys to gather feedback. Blogging is a great way to establish a professional image and reach an infinite number of people-without wearing down the souls of your shoes. Potential clients will appreciate the opportunity to be heard, which allows you to gather valuable feedback. The content of the dialogue can assist you in customizing your product or service to suit the needs of the customer. This is particularly useful if you have a virtual office, as interactions tend be of the electronic variety. Coming up with creative ways to attract clientele can be challenging without an actual office or storefront. Consider your website and blog to be your storefront; redirecting your focus and creative energy on your online image can provide you with the same opportunities to shine.

Get Seen: Three million blogs are created each month. Viral campaigns have become increasing essential as a means of promotion—people flock to the Internet for everything from nail polish to real estate. Visibility is central in any marketing campaign, as is targeting the appropriate audience. The Internet has grown to the point where it is necessary to have an online presence. Without one, your business is essentially invisible.

Increase your Visibility with Proper Search Engine Optimization: Of course you want your blog to be aesthetically appealing, but what good is a beautiful design if no one sees it?  This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in to play. SEO assists you in the discovery of keywords people use when searching for the type of product or service you provide. These words should be integrated into your posts to improve the likelihood of your site appearing near the top of the search engine results page. Do not neglect the importance of SEO when developing your blogging strategy—if in doubt, there are thousands of free resources that show you how your site stacks up against the competition.

IT’S FREE: Campaigns utilizing traditional forms of advertising such as print ads, radio spots, and mass mailings must be chosen wisely, as they can rapidly shrink your marketing budget. Blogging, on the other hand, has no price tag and no sticker shock. You have the ability to reach thousands of potential clients for zero dollars. So what are you waiting for—get to blogging!

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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