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7 Simple Tips to Practice Self-Care at Work


self-care-at-workDon’t let a busy schedule get in the way of caring for yourself. Self-care can be doing little things throughout the day to keep yourself sane, focused and happy. A commute or free moment during the day is the perfect time to silence your email and do something for yourself. Taking care of yourself is crucial to a successful career- try these six easy tips to practice self-care:

1. Journaling

Journaling doesn’t have to be about gossip, relationships or feelings. There are many different types of journals. If a blank lined page seems daunting, try one with built-in prompts. Writing just a few sentences a day can lift an emotional weight off of your shoulders. It is also a great way to begin your day. When you get to work, sit at your desk for a few moments and free-write about life, plans for the day, the dream you had last night or random ideas.

education-flatlay_4460x4460 (1).jpgFor those who are weary of journals, start small with a “one line a day” journal. These types of journals are perfect for people who feel like they don’t have time to write. Although it is only one line a day, you really think about what aspect of your day you want to write about, providing a perfect forum for self-reflection.

2. Meditation

Sitting alone with nothing but your thoughts can be daunting. There is a temptation to give up 


and “relax” by scrolling through Facebook. However, meditation is an important practice for any busy professional. Don’t know where to begin? Use a guided meditation app, like 

Headspace, that can provide different types of meditation and find one that suits your needs.

It is important to remember that meditation can be done anywhere. Tune out the world and center yourself no matter if you’re stuck in traffic on the way to work or getting restless at your cubicle.

3. Coloring

Who said coloring is just for kids? A full-time job is no excuse to lose touch with your creative side- adults might even need coloring more than kids do! Coloring in adults has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress, and increase mindfulness.

There are so many coloring books for adults featuring everything from mandalas to city skylines. When you’re on-the-go, pick a pocket-size book and pair it with a set of mini-gel pens (leave the crayons to the kids). Coloring is the perfect activity for a short break or to keep yourself occupied during a monotonous conference call.

4. Call a friend

Work has a unique power to dominate our lives. A project at work takes up all of your time and what little time is left gets devoted to your family, partner, or doing basic things like grocery shopping. Before you know it, a month has gone by without speaking to your best friend or grandma.

Making a call takes zero effort. All you lose is 10 minutes of scrolling through your phone during lunch or 10 minutes of listening to the radio during your commute. Since so many work environments are isolated, interacting with a friend or loved one will brighten both your days and provide meaningful human interaction.

5. Snail Mail

Invest in fun stationery and write some old-fashioned snail mail. Physically sending a letter feels out of the ordinary and will switch up your routine. Get creative with your snail mail- add doodles, drawings or embellishments that would otherwise be impossible with email. Your friends will appreciate a piece of mail that isn’t a bill or advertisement, and you’ll make their day!

6. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a simple solution for immediate relaxation at work. It triggers a relaxation response and can help lower stress levels. Keep your favorite essential oils on hand to inhale 


whenever the workday begins to get the best of you. If you have your own office (or friendly co-workers) invest in an essential oil diffuser. These take up little space, omit the scent of your choice and change colors. Aromatherapy is a consistent solution for self-care that can be practiced without taking a break from your work.

7. Create a physical happy space

We spend so much time at our desks, so why don’t they reflect us? Adding personal touches to your desk makes the day more pleasant. There are small touches one can make to incorporate self-care into their space, such as putting up an inspirational quote and keeping a “self-care kit”. This kit can include tea, medications, essential oils, chocolate or anything else that is important to you when life gets overwhelming.

If you struggle sitting at a desk all day, talk to your boss about a standing or adjustable desk. However, if you cannot change your desk situation, try a fidget cube, which is a more practical alternative to the fidget spinner. Another important aspect of self-care is being comfortable. 

massage chair with logo-1.jpg

Keep a stress ball, neck pillow, heating pad or whatever else you need close by to get through the day.

Taking self-care breaks during the work day should make you feel happier, healthier and more satisfied with your day. If you have the choice, choose a workspace that is conducive to this practice. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we provide a calm environment with customizable spaces.

Our clients have privacy and community- two crucial aspects for self-care. Our friendly staff, selections of complimentary tea and coffee, relaxation room with state-of-the-art massage chair and comfortable spaces ensure that you will be able to easily implement self-care into your day.  

Find your next workspace today! 

Written by Juliana Levinson

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