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Jonathan Desjardins on Producing outstanding output


Just like any community, a business cannot function on its own without the collective efforts of its members. Although good management and great office location contribute to success for any company, individual employees play a large part of the success of its operations.

But what makes employees produce outstanding outputs? It has something to do with the best working environment. Office ergonomics plays a vital role in the selection of the perfect office. 

Office ergonomics is the scientific, interdisciplinary study of individuals and their physical relationship to the work environment. Without a mindfully designed work environment, members of the staff may suffer from musculoskeletal pains like fatigue, joint noise and stiffness, inflammation and lack of coordination to name a few.

In order to work effectively and efficiently, proper work place design should be observed. The office should be spacious enough to allow you to stretch and make sure that the computer screen is at a safe distance from the eyes. The careful and studied arrangement of tables, chairs, and document organizers can help create the optimal work space.

Aside from work space design, there are also several practices that can help avoid common but unhealthy habits. Instead of sitting for a prolonged amount of time in the same position, it is advised to take a short break every 20 minutes. It can be as simple as stretching or it could be a quick stroll to the coffee machine. For repetitive movements, such as continuous typing, it is recommended to try varying your work in order to flex different muscles.

Office ergonomics is an essential part of any office. There are advocacies and websites created by doctors and professionals to teach people to deal with the maladies of a poorly designed office and that aim to make sure that the workplace meets the national and international ergonomics standards.

Office ergonomics not only makes the office aesthetically pleasing, but it also allows everyone to relax. A relaxed ambiance is the best working atmosphere. And it all begins with selecting the perfect office space for your employees.

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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