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Trans-Acting and Interpersonal Relationships in the Workplace


Last week, AdvantEdge Business Centers had the pleasure of hosting the Trans-Acting in the Workplace Workshop by Peter Maida, Ph.D. J.D at our Downtown location.  This workshop inspired us to dedicate a blog post on how to build stronger interpersonal work relationships for those of you who missed it!  As Dr. Maida noted in the workshop:

People trans-act or communicate with one another using certain skills, knowledge, and abilities they value. They use what we call the ‘building blocks’ of trans-acting with one another. These building blocks include:

    • Trust
    • Collaboration skills
    • Communication skills
    • Risk-taking behaviors vs. certitude
    • Adaptability vs. inflexibility
    • Emotion vs. rationality
    • Individuality vs. group
    • Ego strength
    • Future vs. past thinking
These are the “building blocks” of interpersonal interaction. Most employment relies on employees using certain well-established skills and abilities to achieve the objectives of the organization’s mission.  People vary in the degree to which they can act using these building blocks; some manifest strengths, others, weaknesses. Assessing trans-acting focusing on the building blocks will reveal how well one is in sync with others in the workplace.

The assessment tool, “Trans-acting in the Workplace helps us understand how people relate to one another in the workplace and what interventions can be used to resolve conflict between them.

 If you are interested in learning more about how to build positive interpersonal relationships in the workplace, please visit Dr. Maida’s website and do not hesitate to contact him regarding his services.

Written by Trey Jones

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