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Setting Small Businesses up for Success in the New Normal



Now in September, it is clear that in 2020, and for months to come, we will be in a new normal. Instead of waiting for circumstances to change, all businesses need to adapt to the current social and economic landscape. You can set up your small business for success in the era of the pandemic with these three steps.

1. Grow Virtually

There is no better time than now to increase your digital footprint. Devise a social media strategy for consistent posting across various platforms. Refresh the website to be on-brand, aesthetically pleasing, and functional for any visitor. You can even start something new, such as a blog or a podcast (which can be recorded from the studio at AdvantEdge Workspaces).


On the business side of things, shift marketing dollars away from traditional formats to online paid media, such as targeted Facebook ads. You can also consider expanding digital services, such as implementing virtual tours, online bookings and payments, and video consultations. Growing your business online makes you better equipped to serve diverse clientele during these times.

2. Pivot Services

If your industry has been affected by the pandemic, think outside the box about new clients you can attract or services that you can offer. Do not limit the business to what the original purpose was. If you have the tools and workforce to pivot to an area that has exploded over the past few months, such as video conferencing or contact tracing, go for it and see how your business can capitalize. For example, AdvantEdge Workspaces is a professional shared office space solution that is now offering small private offices for clients to set up their children in as they do remote learning.

3. Address Employee Needs

These times are hard for everyone. Doing whatever possible to make the employee experience a pleasant one is paramount. Addressing employee needs may look like allowing others to flex hours so they can look after children, offering mental health days, and creating a culture where people log off at 6. Survey employees and see what they need- you never know who may be struggling.

A large part of the employee experience today is their physical work location. Offering options allows individuals to make the right personal choices. If someone feels safer at home or is immunocompromised, they should continue with the work from home life. If others feel like they work better in the office, provide a safe environment for them to come back in.


At AdvantEdge Workspaces, there are flexible packages for a variety of office space solutions that will allow team members to come back to work with confidence. Whether it is meeting room time, coworking, or a small multi-desk space, there is something for every small business! All COVID-19 guidelines and safety protocols are being adhered to, and new touch-less features such as faucets in the lounge areas have been added. You're invited to visit us today and see why working at AdvantEdge can help your business adapt to the new normal!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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