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Top 4 Reasons to Consider Shared Office Space


Updated from August, 2015 version. 
The way we do business isshared office space benefits ever-changing; and whether you’re expanding, downsizing, or just starting, the type of office space in which you choose to work is a major decision for your company. While the perks of a serviced, shared office space are numerous, below are the top four most appealing incentives for those considering shared workspaces.

Full-Service Without the Full Cost

While there are a seemingly endless number of costs involved in starting or expanding your own business, sharing serviced office space is an efficient way to cut those costs without having to sacrifice quality. You gain access to essential services and spaces without having to bear the full cost. Shared workspace is also a sustainable, eco-friendly choice. By not duplicating the amount of core business infrastructure required and by sharing and recycling different resources, the efficient use of square footage in shared workspace can limit the impact of individual companies on the environment.

Established Infrastructure and On-Demand Support

Serviced office spaces have the added benefit of an on-site support team who have the skills, knowledge, and flexibility to assist you day in and day out. One of the largest appeals to this type of work environment is having a team of people dedicated to helping you take care of the details surrounding the operations and logistics of running an office. With our help, you’re able to focus on your clients and your business goals while we work seamlessly with you in the background.

Flexibility that Fits Your Needs

There are a number of ways that shared workspace can provide flexibility to your company. While our on-site staff performs daily tasks to assist your company like phone answering and reception, they are also available on an as-needed basis to perform basic administrative and design work for you. Our flexible office lease terms also allow companies to scale on demand, so you don’t have to worry about growing out of your space before your agreement end date.  By having a fixed monthly cost for space, you can also retain financial flexibility that would otherwise be complicated with a standard lease. Equipment failures and fluctuating pass-through fees are no longer a worry, and you can plan ahead knowing your costs are set in stone.

A Community to Build Your Network

With such a large and diverse group of companies working together in the same space, the possibilities are endless! The opportunity to network with likeminded, success-driven individuals daily far surpasses any number of physical amenities we can provide. Building relationships and finding momentum among peers can prove invaluable for you and your company. Some of our favorite moments are hearing how clients are collaborating after connecting at a monthly social event or over coffee in the business lounge. Working together is what a shared office space is all about!

Take a Virtual Tour of our Shared Offices!

Whether you need to meet immediate or future needs, and regardless of the size of your company, finding the right space to call your own is an essential key to your company’s growth and success. Come visit us at either of our DC locations to see what else there is to offer or send us your questions here. Happy office hunting!


Written by Reymar Delos Santos

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