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You Can Be More Productive in a Shared Workspace



Productivity: it can be our best friend at work, but often it seems elusive. Between social media, a buzzing phone, and getting distracted by small tasks, it’s impossible to get things done sometimes. Enter a shared workspace- with the right workspace solution, you can largely kiss inefficiency goodbye. Here are four reasons why you can be more productive in a shared workspace.

1. Live reception


Live reception is the ultimate gift to productivity. Let others focus on the administrative tasks while you focus on your business. Choose a space that offers call answering services, mail delivery and more. With live reception, it is like having an assistant. Someone is always there to help with copying, booking meeting rooms, and more!

2. Make the office your own

No one wants to stare at blank white walls all day! Make sure your shared workspace lets you customize your office. When you’re in a space you love, staying on task won't seem like such a chore.

Do a lot of plants keep you zen? Fill your office with them! Want to Fung Shui? You can arrange the space however you’d like! Whether you need a standing desk or want to make an art wall, you can make the office work for you.

3. Amenities

2018-autumn-mixerThe rooftop space at AdvantEdge Workspace's L Street location

Choosing a space with a variety of amenities will transform your workday. Even something as simple as a full kitchen and included coffee/tea can be the difference for staying on track all day. When you don’t have to sweat the small stuff, you can focus on your main tasks. Look for a space that offers a full printing center, outdoor space, meeting rooms, community events, and more. For example, you can streamline your morning by not having to make coffee, or you can take a meeting on a rooftop deck if you're feeling like some fresh air.

4. Re-charge

common-seating-area-groupAdvantEdge Clients enjoy our March Madness lunch!

There are always ways to take a break and re-charge in a shared workspace. Sit in the lounge and chat with another client, or relax in a comfy chair for a bit. You can also take advantage of a full kitchen to make a homemade lunch or snack! Or, look for a space that values their community by re-charging at a client happy hour or "Bagel Fridays" (an AdvantEdge Workspaces staple)!

At AdventEdge Workspaces, we work with each of our clients to ensure we are helping them in the best ways possible. Between our client service coordinators and top-notch amenities, you’ll have the support you need. You’re able to tailor your workspace experience to whatever your business desires and cut out the things that took up unnecessary time in your day. Check out our shared workspaces today to see how you can become more productive at AdvantEdge!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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