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Why Shared Workspaces Are Good for the Environment



Now more than ever people are environmentally conscious. This plays a key factor in many people’s spending habits, food purchases, homes, lifestyles, and now, the workplace. The phrase “going green” usually brings up images of recycling, waste-free practices, and driving hybrids. However, most adults do not realize that their workspace has a huge impact on the environment. Just like bringing reusable bags to the grocery store, partaking in a shared workspace environment helps reduce waste and create a more sustainable planet. Here are some reasons why switching to a shared workspace will help the planet!

1. Green Buildings

Going green isn’t just about your individual office, it is about making sure the building your space is in is good for the environment too! Be sure to choose a LEED-certified building. A LEED certification means that the building produces less waste and is more energy efficient. No matter what, just being in your space means you are doing a small part in helping the environment.

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2. Sharing is Caring (for the Earth)

In a shared workspace, the phrase “sharing is caring” rings true. While everyone’s services are individualized and people have private spaces, at AdvantEdge resources are shared, which means waste is reduced. Reduced waste includes physical things, such as printing services, shared kitchens, coffee and tea machines, and conference rooms. For example, with your own space, you’d have a conference room that would likely sit empty a majority of the time. But with a shared workspace, you’ll share the room with other clients, which means the physical space isn’t being wasted. Shared workspaces also reduce waste when it comes to time and services. With live reception, you’ll receive individualized service without wasting resources on a personal receptionist that you may not need all the time.

3. Location, Location, Location

When thinking “green” most people focus on the space, and not the effect their commute will have on the environment. Make sure your office location is convenient to metro and bus stops. Taking public transportation is an easy way to cut down on air pollution. Also, be sure to inquire if a Capital Bikeshare dock is near the office. Biking to work is a healthier alternative to most commutes, and can ever be a faster option sometimes!


If you’re looking to make an environmentally conscious workspace choice, look no further than AdvantEdge Workspaces! Our LEED-certified spaces and accessible locations ensure you’ll always be “green” when at work. Check out our shared workspaces today and go green with AdvantEdge!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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