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Shared Workspaces vs. Coworking: Which One Is Right for You?


shared-worksaces-coworkingThe way we work is rapidly changing. Not too long ago, the options were a cubicle or… a different cubicle. With the internet changing the way business is conducted, where we work is also shifting. Our office environment is tied to our productivity and happiness, and people are taking note. Instead of working from home, in a noisy coffee shop, or in a sea of identical cubicles, switch it up with a new type of workplace. Shared workspaces and coworking are two terms we hear a lot. Both offer amenities, community, and a fresh perspective on the traditional office. But what makes them different? Let’s find out which workspace is the perfect fit for you.

1. The Core Differences

hubspot-upload-159AdvantEdge clients enjoy the communal lounge space.

Shared workspaces and coworking are not interchangeable. Shared workspaces imply that some features of the office are communal: meeting rooms, reception, lounge, even some larger offices or suites. Despite these communal spaces, amenities, and sense of community, there is still the option for everyone to have private office space. With coworking, the whole idea is to be in a collaborative community with like-minded people. The area is typically open, with each person having a spot to conduct work. These spaces can range from couches to long tables to personal desks in large rooms.

2. Introvert vs. Extrovert


When thinking of the right workspace fit, look inward. If you recharge by spending time with others and feel energized through social interactions, then you are an extrovert. Coworking is the right option for you because you are surrounded by opportunities to socialize and connect. As for introverts, you’re not necessarily shy, you just find alone time rejuvenating and necessary. Socializing can be draining and you recharge by yourself. Shared workspaces are the right fit for you. There are opportunities to be social when you feel like it, but you can also close your office door when you need “me” time.

3. Nature of Your Work

DownTown-Office-2000X955An AdvantEdge private office 

Another decision-making factor is the content of your work. Those who work in fields that require privacy, such as law or therapy, can enjoy the social aspects and amenities of a shared workspace while still having a private space to practice and meet with clients. For those who are freelancers, or work independently (such as graphic designers or writers), a coworking space is great because it provides a social outlet. You’ll get the office experience while still having your own designated area and all the support of a traditional workspace.

4. Business Size


Shared workspace offices and suites are the best options for small business. They allow for the flexibility to add in new team members while staying within the same space. Coworking is a great option for people who work independently or with a partner and don’t need the privacy of an office.

No matter if you’re in a shared workspace or a coworking environment, there are amenities that come with either option. Services like live reception provide a professional atmosphere and personalized call-answering services. Lounge spaces are areas to relax, grab a coffee, have lunch, and connect with others in the workspace. And on top of all of that, community events are perfect for building professional and personal networks.

At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we provide both shared workspace and coworking options. We strive to create a community of like-minded professionals with first-class amenities and communal spaces. So no matter what workspace option is right for you, come take a tour today and see how your business can thrive at AdvantEdge!

Learn more about our shared office space!

Written by Juliana Levinson

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