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Small Ways to Express Gratitude at Work


It’s the season for expressing gratitude and giving thanks. Not just for family and friends, but your business, coworkers, boss, and even your workspace too. Gratitude is all about small gestures. It doesn’t take a lot of work to make an impact. Before you head out of the office for turkey day, take the time to express your gratitude at work.

Let’s start with small acts of kindness. Never underestimate the power of a handwritten letter! Placing a card on a co-worker or bosses' desk conveys the perfect sentiment of thanks. If you have time to connect in-person, invite someone you’d like to get to know better on a coffee date. Or, bring in a sweet fall treat and invite others to share with you. A little sugar and free food are often all it takes to help others feel appreciated.

A sweet treat is always a good idea! 

You can also inspire your office to express gratitude for the larger community. Hosting a fundraiser, donating time to a local non-profit, or just making a donation shows that your company cares about the area it does business in.

We also cannot leave out the physical space you do work in every day. Love your office space? It’s time to celebrate it! Expressing gratitude for your workspace could be as simple as bringing coffee to the people who great you every day at the front desk, making a new connection in the lounge area, or spearheading a community event. Especially when you’re in a shared workspace, building community and forging relationships with other clients is a simple way to give thanks, by giving a little of your time to others.

This year we are grateful for new connections at work. 

The season for giving thanks is also about reflection. Looking back on what we were grateful for in the past year, and what we are looking for more of in 2020- specifically when it comes to our work environment. Feeling like your office space doesn’t give you a whole lot to be thankful for? Come tour one of the AdvantEdge Workspaces locations and see our community and modern, flexible office space solutions. Next year, you’ll be right there with us as we express our gratitude at work!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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