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Sound Logistics Lead to Successful Meetings


Carefully composing note cards and organizing agendas are two strategies for a productive business meeting, but often times it's the simple things that are overlooked. Consider these common lapses in business meeting logistics to ensure you aren't forgetting anything.

Reserve ahead of time!
Do not assume that conference room in your office building or suite will be available. Reserve a location as early as possible to avoid inconvenience and potential embarassment. Consider renting a room off-site if travel or availability is a issue, or even just for a change of scenery!

Perfect your timing
It's important that your meeting is scheduled at a time convenient to your attendees, which results in optimal productivity. Some people are more productive in the morning, others in the afternoon or evening. Find out if you're dealing with early birds or night owls, and be sure to request their attendance in an appropriate time-frame. Also, avoid scheduling meetings during typical meal times if you don't plan to serve refreshments!

Provide nourishment
Whether you provide a light snack or have a fully-catered event, serving food at your meeting can promote attendance and make your guests feel welcomed. If you do plan on serving food don't forget to plan ahead! Do your shopping or place your order early, arrange delivery immediately prior to your meeting's start time, and ensure you have the proper disposable paper products/cutlery for your refreshments.

Be conscious of the layout & seating selection
A poorly-arranged room can stifle a meeting's productivity. Consider the level of interaction the attendees will have with each other; a round table discussion is certainly going to require a different atmosphere than a training seminar. Also consider any audio/visual components that may be present in order to determine the most appropriate layout for your meeting.

Consider a virtual meeting
Many lapses in meeting logistics can be avoided by conducting your meeting virutally. Studies show that professionals with virtual office hours are more productive. Free video chat services have become increasingly user-friendly; you no longer have to be a tech-expert to arrange a cyber-meeting. For more formal conferences, consider utilizing a professional video conferencing service to ensure optimal quality.

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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