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Spring Clean Your Office for a More Efficient Workday


Spring-cleaning-office-blog-photoSpring is approaching and with the new season comes new opportunities. Now is the time to take a fresh look at your “home away from home.” That’s right- the office! More specifically, your office. Are you operating at maximum efficiency? What does your workplace communicate to others about you and more importantly, about your business? By taking a few moments to review these 6 tips, see how we can work together ensuring you and your business will never again be held back by needless clutter.

1. Take Control of Your Emails

If you cringed at the very mention of the word, this one's for you. Digital clutter can weigh on us throughout the day just as heavily as physical clutter. 

To prevent this, become acquainted with what software you use and take advantage of the auto filter tool. This will leave your inbox free to be a “reminder” area only - dragging emails you’d like to follow up, remember for later, or even send a thank you for at the end of a project. Periodically, dedicate one afternoon to going through and deleting old emails that are simply no longer important.

2. Toss Old Papers

NO, you do not need the expired pizza voucher sitting to your right. Trash it! Save yourself the search for car keys and your cell phone at the end of the day.

Our offices provide recycle centers and trash cans for each client and which are cleaned out daily. For more sensitive information, please feel free to make use of the industrial shredders or look for additional shredding options in your community.

For those wanting to take the extra step, create an organization system for yourself! Put a plan in place based on your work tendencies and this will make it easier throughout the work day to separate what deserves your attention and what is just trash.

3. Care for Your Electronics

Every day we use a multitude of devices. Rejuvenate them for both sanitation and cleanliness by disinfecting electronics regularly, especially your phone handset. For keyboards, air in a can will rid you of the crumbs from working lunches.

Whenever you have a moment organize your desktop icons. Something as simple as putting order to your screen is bound to make you feel more efficient and more organized.

4. Ditch the Junk Drawer

You may have a drawer (or two) that anything and everything is thrown into. A solution for this, would be to invest in a drawer separator. The compartments create for quick and easy storage of each random little office item in one place, neatly.

Check ink pens, highlighters, and the like to make sure they are still serving their intended purpose. Otherwise, toss them. This will allow you to maneuver small tasks effortlessly with everything in its place.

5. Store Personal Items 

Being at the office so frequently, we can without thought lay our coat over a chair or leave our bag sitting limply by the desk. These things we learn as typical of the business day, can potentially add to an already cluttered look. Designate a home for your personal items to stay when not in use. On each floor, we provide coat closets for you and your guests’ convenience. Just ask your Suite receptionist where the closest one is located and we’ll be happy to point the way.

6. Decorate!

Make your space your own. If you haven’t already, add personality to your office area by adding professional mementos that speak who you are as a person. Show off your accomplishments, awards, or even travel ventures. Pieces like these can serve as relationship builders. Connect to clients and even colleagues through mutual likes or experiences.

Where and how we work says a lot about us as individuals as well as professionals. Consider these tips and then customize accordingly to fit your working habits. Take control and clear your mind by decluttering your desk. Here’s to the new season! To find out how our professional workspaces and experienced on-site staff can help your business succeed click the button below. 

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Written by Madison Carson

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